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RE: Awwwwwe....

It's tough, even when you're prepared. I've never had any success saving a kit when it's on its way downhill. Mum really is the expert in this case, isn't she, but first time around rarely goes smoothly. My doe's first litter had two (she's a mini lop, so never had big litters) and they weren't fully developed, so I'm guessing they arrived a bit early. She's been a fantastic mum ever since, I'm so proud of her!

Hopefully next time is the charm for your beautiful girl.


Ya, first time does usually need a "practice" run. I usually breed at least 3 does at a time, especially if one of them is a newby. That way I can foster kits around if there are any issues. I'm pretty happy with this doe. She carries the dilute blue genetics even tho she is pure black.