Blackberry wine??!! Oh, I've gotta try that!! I've never heard of that before but I bet it's delicious :D

Maybe it's time to throw a 'me, myself and I' dance party.

I love those, what music do you listen to when dancing? I really like this:

Good to have lazy days sometimes, an absolute necessity for a healthy mind ;)


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If you like sweet wines, then I would definitely recommend trying blackberry one!

I listen to all kinds of music. Reggaeton, Arabic, Greek, pop music, a little bit of the 90's :) For some reason I cannot open this video, it says it's not available.

Oh, that sucks. You can either see it on Steemit (yeah, remember that old junk? xD) or look for "Samaya Fusion Alchemist" on YouTube. For some reason, SteemPeak makes some videos unavailable...

YouTube search works, I'm listening to it now. I don't really listen to this type of music but this mix I like! I love that exotic sound, haha. Thanks for sharing! :)

Yeah, that particular mix goes so many places. Try dancing to it, you'll find yourself traveling from being a dessert belly dancer to an outer space party hard alien, lol

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