Hey Nikolina

I sat out in the garden today with coffee, reading and Steeming, then got the urge to take a stroll round the garden. Seeing a couple of apple trees with branches growing downward (i guess from the weight of apples) and obviously not been trimmed for mny years, i got out the electric chainsaw and gave them both a good trim. Lets see how they fruit this season. I think it will be better.

I (and volunteer) have been planting many seeds this last week. They are are in pots in the warm bedroom as it's still too cold outside. Looking forward to a bountiful harvest later in the year.

Painting is also happening.

Steem On!

ps. Bring some of that blackberry wine when you come visit. Sounds delicious :-)

Oh, it seems like you've been busy. I love this time of the year (spring) when there is always something to do outside. I think that the apple trimming will be beneficial for the apples, we are also trimming our fruits when needed.

We are also waiting a little bit longer for planting but also have some seeds pre-planted in our DIY small green house. I like all the little jars you have over there. Can't wait to see the progress, keep us updated.

It would be awesome to visit and if I do, this wine is a must! :)

I like the new 'My Country Life' title and that you are sharing more about your homesteading adventures. :)

P.S. Two logs for siting and coffee is an excellent solution and has work well for me in the past!

Thank you so much!

Yeah, we had two before and I liked chilling there. I'll make sure to share what it looks like when it's done. :D

You are quite welcome! I am looking forward to seeing how it come out!

I got to spend a few hours today near the creek trying to recover a spring that got disturbed during some recent flooding. Even though it was hard work and my hands were super cold from both the creek water and the spring water I found it to be quite soothing and just what I needed to help me unwind a little.


I am so glad that you got some time to unwind even though it seems like it a little bit challenging. :) You have been so active all this time and totally deserve some time off. :)

I am thinking that I am going to do it again today. Even though I am pretty sore after moving a bunch of rocks around yesterday!


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Looking forward to seeing the progress in your garden as well as your chillout spot. You should do a video having a glass of blackberry wine and sitting on one of your logs talking about life, would be nice to see :D


Yeah, I've seen this post, from the comments I've read now, seems like the trail is on board. I'm gonna join in! So I should type in your name to follow the trail, right? :D

You should do a video having a glass of blackberry wine and sitting on one of your logs talking about life, would be nice to see :D

Hahaha, this made me laugh! Maybe a little bit of wine would help my anxiety when it comes to taking to the camera. Still can't bring myself to do it!

Oh come on! Pleaaaase? I'm sure all your followers would love to see it :D

Regarding the trail it's like you say. Go to [SteemAuto], click on Curation Trails, scroll down to Search and type my user name without the @. Click Follow and you're done :)

Done! I have set 20% for now since I'm on two trails already and I also vote for posts manually. I'm trying to keep my vote weight at 70-80% so that it's worth something, haha.

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