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Its another sustainable, abundant and healthy day in The Garden of eden!

In todays episode I go out onto the land to observe and discuss the coming of winter as the season begins to change. 

ALL photos and videos are original and created by me exclusively for these Steemit Posts! I of course wear my Epic Steemit Gear designed and made here in @gardenofeden in every episode!

Living in areas where there are winters is much more difficult to have sustainable food productions systems or home grown food for the entire year. It requires a lot more work not only to grow excess in the summertime but also to preserve and store for the winter. 

I love the changing of seasons in many ways as it is beautiful and provides contrast for life. Though it sure is a lot easier to have home grown food all year round in the tropics!

I go with the flow and work with what I have. There are always solutions, mental posture is key!

I am sharing this video with you just to touch upon some of the perspective that I have as this fall season comes and in preparation for winter. 

I truly love living sustainably and in community. I really believe that when properly done sustainable community provides solutions and upgrades to all facets of life. 

I am grateful to have found this Steemit Community and to be able to share here with you all. We are our own community here and in truth it is quite sustainable!

I hope you are inspired by how natural healthy and sustainable life can be!

Remember that wildcatted, sustainable beyond organic food is the best MEDICINE and far superior to any supplements and way cheaper and more sustainable!

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ALL photos and videos are original and created by me exclusively for these Steemit Posts! 

As always I appreciate your support and welcome your feedback!



I couldn't agree more about the value of seeds. I have been working diligently to foster a welcoming environment for all my plants (and animals). I practice many preserving methods and also practice preparedness. If for no other reason than fluke weather events. I'm new to you so I'm going to go back and watch your earlier episodes. I'm not familiar with shiso, but plan on checking it out.

Great to meet you and am pleased you found this post of quality. I am also glad you are going to check out my other posts in this same realm. I have a lot of sustainability homesteading type posts over the year but this particular series is all linked in this post.

Look forward to getting to know you and receiving more of your feedback!


Too bad we don't get credit or rewards for posts over a week old. I've seen several that deserve my vote. Till next time...

Yes I feel the same way. I think that needs to be changed badly though they have their reasons.

An other great and interesting post as usual.
Nature is our best supplier.
Keep planting !!

Thank you.

It is my intention to contribute interesting, unique and valuable content.

I appreciate your compliment and vote of support.


First one of your posts I have seen! Very nice..Did you come over from another blog as I have not seen you on the Facebook Homestead site before. So glad you dropped this there. Will be looking forward to future winter and fall prep presentations. I live in Florida, the land of 2 season! We are blessed with the tropicals!
Happy Day!

Yes living in the tropics is the easiest and most sustainable by far!

Though most of the world does not live in the tropics so we need various solutions!

I have been living super self reliant ad sustainable for over a decade. I have a LOT more to post about!

Great to meet you and hope to see you around!

Likewise, Yes we are very blessed!
Happy Day!

Bless it be~*~

Thank you for the angel...i may copy that...super fantastic!

You are welcome~


It's good that you have plenty of sweet potatoes for the winter! You probably have a lot of cold-weather greens, too! Too bad I missed the earlier posts in this series. Pokeweed is such a great plant! Food and fun all wrapped up in one monster plant! Enjoy the autumn!

Dude I haven't seen you in SO long!

I think about u often and actually gave you a nice promotion in one of my videos.

Great to see you again! and Yes we have LOTS of winter foods!

Looks like you're enjoying yourself! Good vibes my friend

Yes indeed!
Life is for living!

Fall certainly did creep up fast this year! Luckily we just had a warm spell over the past couple weeks, which really boosted my fall/winter garden since I was a little late planting for the fall crop.

Yea last couple week burst of produce!
Bless it be~*~

Dude you are just You!!😂😂..creepy but nice. Always feel free to be yourself

Creepy huh
Well I realized long ago that not everyone would find me brilliant or beautiful. That is the key to being free to be. Its impossible all long as we need/want people to see us a certain way.

Just let go and be DA BOSS!


True Words bro

Upvoted and RESTEEMED :]

Hii @quinneaker, nice stufff you shared and you wrote beautifully your pics taken are awsome,keep it up

Thank you very much. Hope to continue to contribute content you and others find valuable!