Rocket Stoves

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I have a facsination with rocket stoves and similar stoves for heating homes and spaces. The reason that I like the idea of rocket stoves is that they burn much less wood and heat a larger space - more efficient - than a traditional wood burning stove. There is a more complete burn of the wood with little to no smoke because of this burn. The heat of the flame goes through a long pipe to distribute this heat. In fact, with some of these stoves, the air coming out of the pipe/chimney is warm and not hot; you could put your hand over the end and it would not be hot....with little to no smoke.

For those of you who have never heard of a "rocket stove," then here are some examples. Most of these are home made, but professionally built stoves can be bought.

This first one is made from a paint can and a simple duct pipe. Air is sucked in through the paint can where the burn takes place. Heat is distributed through the pipe, thus giving a more efficient burn and heat.

This one is kind of funny, but it works:

Some more examples:

Here is a guy who heats his shop with a heat sink and rocket stove:


We are going to be putting in a rocket mass heater when we build a new house further back on the property in about 5 years. The rocket mass stove you built is really cool!!

Awesome...Good luck. Design the house around the heater! LOL!

That's fantastic. What an efficient way of heating and cooking. @ironshield

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