Six reasons why Hindus don't eat cows.

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Many westerners wonder why Hindus don't consume beef.

Here are six explanations:

One. A big shortage of milk erupted in 700 BC. Cows were kept alive as the economy changed to agrarian from hunting.

Two. 'Kamdhenu,' the mother of all cows is a goddess of the Hindus.

Three. The Hindu God Lord Krishna loved cows and was born in a family of cow herders.

Four. Cows are responsible for dairy products like milk, butter, cheese, and ghee.


Five. Cow excreta like dung and urine are useful to Indians. Cow dung and its variants are used as manure, biogas, mosquito repellant, firewood, and in construction. The urine mixed with some other products can form a strong bio-pesticide. It also has medicinal properties that can cure fevers, liver ailments, and asthma.

Six. Cows are gentle and docile. Killing them for food would look cruel.


These arguments form a strong case for the Indians who would prefer to keep the cows alive and even worship them.

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Well didn't know that buddy !

Made many questions answered by the way !

Ah, yes too many have asked me. So, it suddenly came to me to do this post. :)

This is awesome and something that I as a westerner have always wondered. Your argument proves strong, thank you for passing the knowledge. GodBless & Godspeed

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Yes, everyone has asked me! And I never had a proper explanation. :)
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Good post. Interesting.

Even I personally dont believe in eating Cow meat with a simple reason it is too heavy in digestion and puts too much pressure on your systems. The other day I was watching a video of how the Cows are treated in NewZealand and it was such a shock and painful to see how they were being tortured.

I tried once in Goa... My body could not take it and I was sick for three days. Never again!

you're right!
it takes about 5 hours for our digestion to except this meat
actually, the pork is about the same
chicken is about 4 hours

all kinds of meat are hard for the body to take, but without meat many people can't imagine their life...

Pork tastes like boiled rubber. Hate it! The Brits eat too much of it.
I still have no sympathy for chicken and their eggs, crabs, prawn, fish. I am a vegetarian otherwise. ;)

you haven't told me about Krishna!
it's interesting

Krishna... he is a special God who stole clothes of women when they were bathing in the pond. He was dark complexioned like me. Incidentally, my mom says I have the same star sign as him by the Hindu calendar/astrologers. So, you better be careful!

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