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RE: Bounties Of The Land Episode 7: Preparing For Winter, Final Harvests Soon.

I couldn't agree more about the value of seeds. I have been working diligently to foster a welcoming environment for all my plants (and animals). I practice many preserving methods and also practice preparedness. If for no other reason than fluke weather events. I'm new to you so I'm going to go back and watch your earlier episodes. I'm not familiar with shiso, but plan on checking it out.


Great to meet you and am pleased you found this post of quality. I am also glad you are going to check out my other posts in this same realm. I have a lot of sustainability homesteading type posts over the year but this particular series is all linked in this post.

Look forward to getting to know you and receiving more of your feedback!


Too bad we don't get credit or rewards for posts over a week old. I've seen several that deserve my vote. Till next time...

Yes I feel the same way. I think that needs to be changed badly though they have their reasons.