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A few weeks ago a friend of a friend called me. I had spoken with him a couple times in the past when he needed advice for his goats, but it had been a couple of years since I had heard from him. Anyway, him and his wife were now empty nesters and wanting to travel more, so he convinced his wife to start letting go of her goats as they didn't have anyone to care for them while they were away this summer. She had 4 goats, but two she was super attached to. She agreed to get rid of 2 now and he said I would likely get a call in June offering me the other two. I couldn't say "no" so I went to get them yesterday.

What is fantastic is that this guy lives in a large city in a subdivision! He has one acre and apparently keeps goats to mow for him! A genius idea, if I do say so myself.

Today is our anniversary so the timing worked out well.

Meet Bucky and Doeleen, our two new goats!


Hi goats!
Yay free livestock!

You're back on Steemit!!!

Just to comment for now.
Bit busy for writing 😂

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