HOMT is the world's first blockchain affordable housing provider for students

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When you arrive in another city, no matter what your goal is, for example, tourism or business trip, then you are faced with the challenge of finding housing. This is a very important component for the traveler. I know from experience how hard it is sometimes to find adequate housing. Especially it is hard for students who come to the big city from the province. We need to find an apartment with a suitable budget price and decent, quiet neighbors.


Everyone knows that to study, a very important atmosphere, and home coziness. It is often difficult to find all the corresponding parameters and requests an apartment that fully satisfies and delights you. Moreover, all this becomes really important if you decided to go to study abroad. Well, if you have relatives or friends in the country where you have decided to learn, and if not, then it becomes extreme.
Thanks to the developed platform concept HOMT, this important issue is solved and through a company, you can easily find a suitable option for you. Companies a monopoly, such as Arbnb, Booking, Expedia, using these difficulties, dictate the rules, and set the conditions in their favor.

A priority goal of the project is the organization of rental housing for students. To build a convenient, inexpensive, comfortable accommodation with a high standard of accommodation and a host of helpful features.
The project Homt offers a unique opportunity in real estate, providing a full range of services through its platform HOMT LTD.
The advantages of the platform:

Advanced e-wallet
Adapted time-payment of rent
HOM tokens will not disappear
Best discount on rent
Bonuses from the use and storage of tokens
The organization of a full system for the owners of the tokens

The main function of the token, is the promotion of Fund services and the development of the ecosystem of the company, including receipt of rental income, raising the level of public services, in General, improved service to users.
The platform interface is simple and user friendly. Login with any gadget will allow you to find information about affordable housing, quality of accommodation, explanation of payment, best prices, and direct booking anywhere in the world. In fact, the project created a trading platform that gives a promising investment tool for the participants, whether the property owner or tenant, providing a model that has many advantages over the traditional real estate markets.
Investing in the platform, you become a co-owner and part of the business model developed by the project team while taking a direct part in the growth of the market student digital real estate.
Use (HOMT) when calculating payment of rent, there is a 10% discount. This option will increase the cost of the badge and the development potential of the system in the future. The application of blockchain technology, along with Smart Contracts will allow managing liquidity and transparent, improved transaction processing. A decentralized scheme will help eliminate the middleman, and the tokenization of assets improves the process of control, where control belongs to the community. Token HOM based on the Ethereum Protocol ERC20.


Additional features:

Useful to create an asset (HOM is licenzirovanie product)
Extended application possibility (liquidity, and rapid availability)
Universal asset management HOMT LTD
Transparency of transactions, control of utilities
Ensuring control of assets in HOMT ecosystem
Investment opportunities for any level




In this area there are a number of problems that can be solved with the help of developments of the company:

Not every student will be able to pay for housing with all the amenities, as this is often expensive. Homt offers an app where the ability to find quality public services with suitable price increases significantly due to the large database platform.
Users looking for a tranquil setting, neighbors, without addictions, etc. the application is available online plenty of options for every taste.
The easy option is rental properties, with HOM Token, which is a single asset, without the use of local currencies in different parts of the world.
Smart Contracts based on the blockchain, help to solve the performance of the contract and resolve the issue of mistrust between the parties to the transaction.
HOMT performs the role of facilitator, extending the range to convert, using the platform as the guarantor of the transaction.
All transactions are registered in the network and create full transparency, using the blockchain technology.
HOMT increases liquidity, making transactions in real estate.

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In General, using the platform created by key products, which benefits all participants in the process:

STUDENTS derive a decent opportunity to find profit in the best location, with affordable prices without too many intermediaries. That is a sustainable offer of quality public services on the basis of the holding HOM Token. And all this, on the same trading platform, optimized for users of the ecosystem.
Property OWNERS have the right to use additional services, using the points system from various third-party partners, such as contractual rent in advance.
INVESTORS, by purchasing and trading tokens, and investing in rental property, help the development of the whole system.
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The plans of the HOMT project, listing on other well-known decentralized exchanges. Tokenization of property opens up various prospects and great potential for securing financing and insurance of transactions in this promising business area. The market is growing and becoming more and more significant in our time, especially with the use of blockchain technology. The company plans to build student rental housing. This, in turn, will open up a large field of activity for investments on a regular basis and potential growth with the objective possibility of various income options for all spheres of the population. For convenience, a mobile application has been developed to have access to the site at any time. Including full information and necessary documentation, about the prices of the lease agreement, financial guarantee, as well as news about the work of the company.
In the future, becoming full partners of HOMT LTD, students who complete their studies will become citizens of the countries (who received a residence permit, citizenship), where the training took place and they will have the opportunity to acquire rented real estate properties.

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The plans and developments of the company are undoubtedly global, and the goal deserves respect. The project strategy is developing useful progress and improving the student rental market. If you have the right financial strategy, all project participants, whether investors, token holders, tenants, or homeowners, will only benefit from participating in the company.

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On these sites, you can familiarize yourself with the project in more detail.

Website: https://homt.net/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/homtoken/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/homtoken
Telegram: https://t.me/homtokenofficial
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/homtoken/
Medium: https://medium.com/@homtoken
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/HOM_Token/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/homtoken/
Whitepaper: https://homt.net/Whitepaper.pdf

UNIQUENESS 100%: https://text.ru/antiplagiat/5ee80ce0f2225

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Thank you, prompted a great idea and a promising project. Thinking about investing.

I like the review - both interesting and informative, and the project was interesting.

The structure of the project review is at a good level. Everything is competent, beautifully designed and interesting to read.

The idea is great, I hope the project will be successful.

Thank! Good review! If the company does everything, then it has a great perspective and development !!!

A promising platform that has many advantages and therefore can be a promising investment in the future.

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