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In the time where being unsocial looks dumb... Finding a phares on explaining life is really common to us. Everyday we find new quote which defines life to you in its own way. 

"We are all stuck in temporary things to find happiness, let's find the real reason of life"
Maybe... Living in parts is your type of living life. Its okay to not have all answers noted. 

"Life is all about taking breaks and finding yourself, the real you...or else life wouldn't matter"
Who said that you aren't real with what you are currently. With your works, your skills, with your family, your friends or with the person you love....... You like to do things to see them happy and feel appreciated. "The person in you who makes an effort without expectations" it is the purest form of you. You are all the things you do everyday. You wake up and you choose things to do. You choose to celebrate or you choose to struggle with the one you choosed.

Some influencers will tell you.. "Everything is shit, just hustle to achieve wealth & worth."
And some say... "Your worth and wealth feels useless, run behind the things that will make sense for yourself."

Life is not as particular as what you read on famous social media pages, no one is sufficient to know life soo well. 
People make conclusion out of the experience that worked for them. But who guarantees that it will work for your life too. 

 "Nothing in this world is a ritual to follow, if things worked out for you, people will ask you about your path and eagerly follow them to be like you." 
And that's what happen with every successful individual. 

Don't rush into stuff that is working for others, give yourself time and understand your ethics... Build some new ethics. Build courage to choose sometimes what feels right. Also sometimes do things with purpose. Give chance to beautiful things but also have known boundaries. 
Life is a balance.... You do right.... You do wrong.... But you at least learn. 

I read posts saying "Why being single is best" or "Why relationship is important" But it's nothing like that particular.It doesn't matter if you are single or with someone...still you are most amazing person for you. Nothing is important if you are following the trend but not your Heart.
You don't have to match your generation, you are of your own kind. Feel happy to be you, feel the way you look at things,feel happy about your basic skills, feel happy to at least have your own perspective.Also for myIn a relationship feel good to have a support and appreciate each other, make things work. Feel happy and that's it!! That's the only motive of life. 

You cannot live the whole life with one purpose. It changes, reaction changes, ethics changes, motives changes and it's very okay! 
Maybe sometimes you will have to plan things and sometimes you just have to accept the way it is. Sometimes you should stop if it feels shit and sometimes you should give chance if it's making you happy even if it makes no sense for future. Sometimes you'll feel sufficient and sometimes it seems all alone. And it's okay. 

"Because life is just random... And nothing in this world is as random as life! "

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