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Hello, we are Simon and Augie from Homegrown Stables. We're embarking on a journey to build a sustainable property with horses and a permaculture mindset. We are currently working on building the stables and a tack room. We'll be building a passive home in the future ourself. Please follow our journey, comment and subscribe!
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Welcome, @homegrownstables!
You're combining three of my great loves; sustainable living, permaculture and animals.

I'm in Middle Tennessee, about an hour and a half ESE of Nashville, but while we have an existing barn with stables and tack room, our fencing is seriously lacking, and we need to put up new cross fencing before we can bring in horses.

But I grew up riding my cousins' horses when I was a kid, bonded with several, and have never forgotten them. Horses are amazing. I've always wanted to have horses here.

You'll like the community here - lots of great folk, many experienced and many just starting out, but all willing to share information and encouragement, or just a laugh when you need it most.

Looking forward to following your venture here!

Welcome @homegrownstables looking forward to seeing what you share with us.

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Welcome! I hope you will be posting horse pictures soon! I desperately want a horse but I'm told we don't have room for one. It will be fun to follow your adventure.

Hey, new permaculturists! Welcome!

I'm Nate, I like greeting and supporting new permies here on steem with a few pointers.

A few like minded folks that you'll enjoy:

@riverflows, @sagescrub, @mountainjewel, @walkerland, @papa-pepper, @elfmyselfandi, @goldenoakfarm, @rawutah, @vanessamidwife, @belleamie, @digitaldan, @porters, @bghandmade, @makinstuff, and many many more that you'll meet through them. There's a bunch of us here, and we're still pretty active on steem, despite the bull market. We're committed to this place. This community is the best on the chain, though I may be biased.

We've got the recent addition of Homesteaders Co-op, built by @sagescrub. It is an open marketplace for sustainable permaculture goods, with vendors around the world and a really broad selection. And it's only a couple months old! Check the HUGE contest we've got going! It is a great opportunity for folks that are new to steem :)

We have @naturalmedicine, built by @riverflows as a place for folks of all walks to gather and share information on any natural healing techniques from herbs to yoga to my personal favorite: coffee and naps. Come on over to our discord server for free access to a huge archive of information on natural healing.

Our other awesome community server is the Global Homesteading Collective, @ghscollective. A growing community for people of similar mind to yourself.

Tips for interfacing with steem:

  1. Get discord. A lot of people use it because it is an easy messaging app for both mobile and desktop. As I pointed out, many steem communities rally in discord servers for a central communication point.
  2. Use @ginabot in discord to get very customizable message notifications for your steem account. (I found you today because Gina told me there was a post with the #permaculture tag.)
  3. Use SteeemPeak instead of Steemit. The interface is much more user friendly and way smoother. I don't think you'll find many that disagree.

As others come to say hi, you'll no doubt be welcomed into our communities. We hope you'll stick around and not become just another inactive account. We'd love to get to know, support, and learn from you, so post often!

Coffee and naps! Like yin and yang. Essential polarities.

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Welcome! Excited to see your content and follow y'alls journey.

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Welcome @homegrownstables :) Those are quite the projects you have ahead of yourself! I believe you'll find support and encouragement from homesteader type folks here on steem as you share your adventure! It will be interesting to learn more about your passive home dream plans. Beautiful sunset photo :)

Thx @sagescrub I'm planning to do a big post about the passive home in the future. What I can tell you is, that we are planning on building with ICF ;)

How exciting! A new Steemian!! Can't wait to see what else you have to share! I've delegated a wee bit to your account to start you off with the delegations you've got already, so you should get off to a smooth start.

This sounds very exciting! I love permaculture and I am trying to start it in my garden! Will definitely be following your journey!

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