The Fairy Tale Of The Steemland

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Hi Steemians,

I have transferred the Steem- and Justin Sun happenings of the last days into a grafical story. I hope I got the points. Please give me your comments what I missed or where I am wrong.

The Fairy Tale Of The Steemland

Once opon a time, behind the seven mountains, there was a country called Steemland
The Steemians were a busy and prosper folk.
They owned STEEM-gold, which has some magic power. They could "upvote" (a kind of healing) and elect their lords with it.
So the land was reigned by 20 democrately elected lords, which were good to the country.
They sat on thrones, that had the actual power to do the magic with the STEEM-gold. Only the majority of the lords could change the rules, that were built in the thrones.
But there was a shadow hanging over this land. A dragon called Steemit sat on a huge bunch of STEEM-gold, the so called Ninja-gold.
This dragon was calm, but people from outside the country feared it.
One day the Prince of the Sun from outside Steemland visited the country. He was unimageable rich.
He offered the dragon Steemit some of his so called "Dollar" money and the dragon flew with it away, leaving back all the Ninja-gold to the Prince of the Sun.
Now, that the Prince of the Sun owned that much power, the other lords feared, that they could be exchanged.
So they decided to change one single rule: The Ninja-Gold shall be temporarily worthless.
The folk was shocked. How can the lords do such a thing. It was an earthquake in their trust, as the most came here to flee from corruption of other countries.
Meanwhile the Prince of the Sun went to some locations outside the country, where STEEM-gold was hoarded too, so called "Exchange-Banks".
There he spelled with his Dollar money the guardians and could get the power of that STEEM-gold.
With this, he was so powerfull, that he was able to exchange the lords of Steem with some of his own men.
Immideately, the new lords returned back the power of the Ninja-gold and the Prince of the Sun showed his true face: Lucifer is now the only monarch of Steemland and everone has to bow for him.

But he has not calculated the strong power of the community. They will strike back.

To be continued...

Achim Mertens


You make the point well when you say, the lords were scared that their power was about to be taken away.


I dont think u should portray Sun as "lucifer" just yet.. All of this happened cuz of the witnesses wanting to remain in control.. they lost.. Now they want people to feel bad for them even tho they never felt bad raping us with bidbots and incredible amounts of circle jerking on shit posts while downvoting others into oblivian.. but yeah, you now see them as the "good guys" and want to help them.. lmao.. Gotta love peoples ignorance! 😂🤣😂

Hi moderndayhippie,
Thanks for your opinion!
It was more or less a word-picture: "Sun" and "Lucifer" have the same meaning.
And what Sun did is (also) not fair.

Oh, i didn't know that sun and lucifer had the same meaning? cool. I honestly did really like the post, sorry if it came off otherwise. Not my intention, so please accept my apology.

I agree, Sun fucked up too.. Everyone is wrong here.. I hate that it comes off that I am choosing a side because I am not. I am just pointing out flaws on both sides..

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Very good one ! Upvoted and Resteemed ;)

I will read it to my kids at night !

That's what I did that's what I made it for.

At last, I have understood everything!!!! Very didáctic tale!!! Hehe.

Ain't feudalism grand!

I hope the last future drawing will have a hart and love

Well, not all people were shocked. Some bought popcorn to enjoy the confusion and rescue attempts of their fellow countrymen. Let's see how the saga ends for the prince of the sun and the steemlands ;)

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