A Meeting About What Is Going On In Steem!

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Did this meeting accomplish anything? It seems that Justin Sun is trying to get the community to put something in writing so he can take away the arguments we have with what he is doing. Justin Sun is being very careful about what he says so there is nothing in writing to what he said and makes no promises about what he will do.

Is he looking to cash out his stake as quickly as possible to drive down the Steem price?
Being power hungry and using that stake to control the Steem blockchain?
It really seems he is not in agreement with a decentralized blockchain.

The question I am really curious about is what would happen if all the ninja-mined stake on the Steem blockchain was burned? Would it make things fairer as in terms of witnesses' votes? Where would this leave Justin Sun and @freedom and some others if this was to happen? Would it make the playing field of the Steem blockchain more equal at all or would it destroy the ecosystem of Steem?

Burning ninja-mined Stake would make things about this debate much easier in some terms but maybe it is too aggressive! What are your feeling on this? Let's stir that pot and see what happens, shall we?

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I believe he is looking to really just cash out. My question is what would happen if all the ninja-mined stake is burned?

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I see the main problem as Pumpkin isn't the sole controller of witnesses anymore. There was no progress made, just the same discussion with a few different voices this time. Or, fingers, rather, 'working on a solution'.

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That is true! What would happen with the big "curation" accounts if the ninja-mined stake was burned? I mean some of the ninja-mined stake is supporting those "curation" accounts and also some voting bots I believe. It must be nice to be able to get a couple of thousand steem a day from those ninja-mined delegations. While 90% of us just scrape by and struggle to make one or two Steem a day. I am preaching to the choir here I guess. Those accounts really have the power and will do as they please!

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