First Steemit Visual Effects (plus Steemit 3d wallpaper!)

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The first Steemit visual effects is a fact! And I have included a wallpaper for the people who would like to use it too!

I've been seeing a lot of people contribute to Steemit in a lot of ways. Going out on the Streets with balloons, photography contests, stickers, t-shirts and everything! I though it would be my time to contribute. Exactly one week ago I started building the 3d model of the Steemit logo, simulating, shading, lighting, rendering and today I finished compositing! So how much time does it take to render this whole thing?

> Render time: 32 hours and 11 minutes on 8 hyperthreaded cores at 2.4Ghz

For just 10 seconds?!?!!?


Let me tell you about myself

Since one and a half year ago I started doing visual effects. I joined a school project called Project-IM, a 3 minute visual effects video where I was assigned to do executive producing. After 3 months into the project I wanted to contribute visually and started doing 3d water effects for that movie. Now one and a half year later I find myself to be an FX artist.

So what do you do?

What an FX artist does is adding anything dynamic in 3d. We add smoke, dust, water, lava, electricity, magic effects, breaking walls, particles and best of all... EXPLOTIONS!! We do a lot! We make mountains collapse, make volcanoes spew, run robots through fucking walls and make shit explode in general. Pretty cool éh?

But I'm not quite there yet. As I am slowly progressing towards a nice showreel I am still a student. Which means I have to start graduating soon! Which is why I am currently building an better and better showreel with a beautiful piece of software called Houdini to do an application in Canada! Yup that's right, I WANT TO GO TO CANADA!

Great, now where is the wallpaper?

I have it right here for you!

Is there more?

Actually yes, I am also busy with another version of this logo which includes a bit of steam and fire! Just be on the lookout in the coming weeks. Oh and if there are 3d technical questions, I'd LOVE to answer them.

Create something, great people of Steemit!! It's FUN!!

If you'd like to read more about Project-IM and the production of a 3 minute visual effects movie check out my blog post on this


First? Is a fact? It's nice but I was posting animated after effects logo clips and wallpapers a couple of months ago. Been using them in my videos ever since too. ;)

I thought I'd seen animated logos on other posts before ;)

Great start of a great project - upvoted!

great project
thank you info @thebatchman

So inspiring to red this, thanks a bunch for the sharing! Namaste :)

DammiT!!!! you beat me to it xD i was working on my steem vfx logo today but got pulled onto another job.

Great project and a wonderful contribution to the #Steemit #community.
Thank you @thebatchman, really good work and so top marks!

Ooh snap warrensteem! I am very curious on what you created, I'd love to see more VFX artists here! Probably gonna post one more soon! Let me know when yours is online!

Ill try get it out today :D

Nice. I only do interior/ exterior / product renders but mine has 16 hyperthreaded cores 2.9 Ghz :)

Awesome! Although I would love more processing power, most of the time memory is a problem. Simulations like fire, water and stuff like that will eat all your ram like a fat kid in a candy shop.

Did not know that. I would love to do videos of house tours but I keep finding other things to do. Anyways keep up the good work with your simulations.

If you really love to do architectual visualizations you should consider V-Ray. Perfect match!

Nice work you have there! Welcome on board & Keep Steeming!

I had thought to make it but it turned out you had previously.. good idea!!

32 hours? wow... well I can see they are worth it!.. thanks for that contribution, cool looking wallpaper and even more those videos!

I love it! Your idea is great. Can you tell me in which program did you make it? Maya, perhaps?

Created with Houdini from SideFX!

Awesome job @thebatchman , keep us updated ! Just set your wallpaper on my trading machine, can't wait for the next version in a few weeks :)

Excellent work, congratulations!

Ha ha ha. It's cool. I did not work with 3D. But what I saw - interesting. Thank you.

big wallpaper - where to download full size HD?

You can right click and save the wallpaper right in the article! It is 2048 x 1080!

👍nice wallpaper, keep ur project

Steem version with fire is incoming :) :)

Nice, are you a graphic(PS) ?

I am not sure what the question is? :S If you are asking me if this is photoshop work, then no :)

That's awesome, great work :) I liked the water effect clip you had on youtube as well!

Thanks! The next work I will do for Steemit will include a bit of fire. I kind of had to rush this one, that's why it's so short.

Awesome talent you have their, and what a great addition to the steemit community:). Welcome to steemit!!

This is the final push I needed to write my #introduceyourself post!
Many thanks :)

Thanks for that, i'll use it on my computer

Hope you enjoy!

Wow, this is awesome. Looking forward to see more of your posts!

Looks great! My new desktop wallpaper has been set :)

Awesome, great to hear!

Thank's for the Hi-Rez wallpaper man!

good job apriciatable contribution...

Upvoted, you are a skilled man! Those visual effects looks stunning! Do you also do video game logo designs? For exaple splash arts?

wow! cool
greap project

Nice graphics, which software are you using? I did this one in Blender:

I'm really love visual effects.
My hobby its AE and Sony Vegas :)
You are doing great

Can you please create a 4K version of this as video and release to the steemit public so we can include it into videos we want to make for steemit.

That would be so cool.

I'd love to include this into my next vid I plan to release on steem

Awesome stuff, you got my upvote :)

I hope this isn't too off topic, but I thought readers might be interested in this as well:

excelent post

Blog size does not matters, what matters is your creativity!! Cool vfx liked it. Best of luck!!

Hey I noticed you are using the max amount of tags for this article... but did you know that you can easily spoof the system to allow for an additional tag?

Good job man!
please have a look on my steemit video

Awesome stuff! Two years ago in HS I rendered a chess match in 3Ds Max and it took two weeks to render. On TWO computers!~

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