Starting My Steem Monsters Adventure! ⚔

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It's time to join all my Steemian friends on our quest to.. find out wtf is Steemmonsters!?

The Steemiverse seems to be made of two types of people, those who play @Steemmonsters and those who don't. PALs have been calling me to join this game for months so today I decided to finally armor up and jump in!

We've been talking about gaming a lot recently this may even be the perfect basis for a fun competition? I'm not sure if Steemmonsters will be the spark of our prophesied mass adoption? But having a fun trading card game (TCG) based on Steem is certainly a strong weapon in our armory.

This is great for on boarding new users to the Steem blockchain!

First step I felt ancient since I haven't even been aware of any TCG since it was all about Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Even then it's been so many years since I was playing actual physical superhero top trump cards (damn that guy ruined that word for me) and trading NBA sports cards at school.

Today it's all about "digital cards" and I'm sure most big kids like me are not sure how they feel about playing with no deck or holding them in our hands. So hopefully this post helps explain the basics to start playing. I don't consider myself a TCG gamer, I play a few PS4 games and vaguely heard about Hearthstone, that's about it.

So let's get to it shall we? Where do we even start on this..

First we go and log in using our Steem username and posting key..

Next port of call is join the discord, that's pretty standard these days isn't it? I just asked for help in there and moments later boom, amazing friendly assistance. Perfect.

Once you're logged in you will see BATTLE! in the top menu, click there and under the "next conflict" banner you will see a "How To Play" button where you'll be able to read all the information I'm attempting to break down below..

See right here on the Battle! page is the how to play guide on the right..

Remember I'm not talking to those of you who already know how to play TCG and are familiar with terms like "turn-based combat". This is billy basic and I'm covering first timer things and as we see here's the first section about types of cards..

First we have an explanation of the two types of cards..

Basically the summoner card is what denotes the group or "Splinter" that your team will battle from. What I can gather, summoners add "abilities" to your Monsters. Monsters are simply your Monster cards, see super simple. They are what we see playing on the battle field and we'll get into them specifically in a moment.

Don't worry if you're feeling totally lost at this point, I did too. Let's just keep strolling into the unknown as excited new recruits. So next is Splinters, what the heck is that..

Ok the Splinterlands is the name of the world we're all battling in..

So we will only be able to create teams from monsters in the same "Splinter" group. Ok got it right? It's the teams, we're gonna get random cards in our card packs and they'll all belong to different teams. Let's take a look at what's on our monster cards next.

First look seems complicated though on closer inspection it's not so different..

Just like the old trumps we played with back in the day, just with a different layout now. The different attributes are explained really thoroughly in the official guide.

My simplified version is this: We have a set amount of Mana to create pick our teams, each card requires mana to be played each match. The stats are the values we're be attempting to win with and the rest seems pretty self explanatory right?

Phew so much reading! Instructions are always boring, let's take a break from learning stuff..

So apparently there's also a lot more to read about abilities and such. If you're anything like me, you skimmed all that and will check back later. (Once we start losing and really need help LOL!) So let's buy some cards and get fighting already! How do we start..

$10 bucks seems fair enough.. look at all those payment options. New Steemians coming!

I opted to pay with SBD and it was super simple via Steem-connect, just have entered my active key. This is it and I'm bursting with nostalgia. Memories of crinkling foil, frantically chewing the dusty stick of gum and examining my glorious new cards LOL!

Let's Gooooo!! Look how long this effin post is already ughh..

Lol so I don't know if I should share what cards I got in my deck or not yet, perhaps some geek will be able to exploit a weakness in my hand? So let's shiftily move on to the next step asap..

Starter set. Check. Review rules. Check. Formulate strategy? Oh yeah damn it ok..

Now we have to pick our team, while admiring how cool the art work is don't forget all you've learned in the guide! It's cool seeing how these cards evolved from some radnom Steemians chatting in MSP to an actual working game.

Ok set my first team and it's time, searching for a match..

You can choose to battle in practice mode or ranked mode. I played a dozen practice battle because ranked wasn't "available". So I asked in the discord, all I had to do was log out and back in to start playing in ranked battles!

Yes I'm ready.. let's gooooo muddaphakkas!!

Have fun and see you on the battlefields! Oh and there's also a sharing incentive, grab your affiliate code in the top right corner and share that thing far and wide! You will be rewarded with 5% of lifetime purchases of all your referrals. That's free Steem baby!

I'm already imagining this game going viral and someday turning it into a massive online "final fantasy" style open world RPG! Then we can all battle and earn while actually making Steem simply by playing and trading cards! 🎮

See you tomorrow!

Keni 😄

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have you won any battles @kenistyles ? I got my ass kicked both times I tried. :)

Hahahaa oh yeah man, I've had my ass handed to me over and over LOL!
I'm on about a 30% win ratio at the moment, though I only have the starter set.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 2.51.20 AM.png

Still I feel there's a ton of things to learn and probably need more cards. @Tibra was saying how he may have some extra cards to give away as prizes in the next @smg competition! 😝

And furthermore there should be a feature soon allowing sharing cards with other players for a time. (Or renting them out apparently.)

That will make everyone in a guild more competitive. (Not everyone plays all the time, meanwhile other players can use this or that card.) Then they all can get high rank? And maximize free cards in that case.

Out-of-game coalitions, like in game theory.

The whole game is excellent for experimental economics because of the blockchain element.

Yes , I have many things to learn.
And , hopefully a not so stupid question. When you battle it is actually automated and you don't have to do anything like point and attack your opponent's monsters? Just place your monsters and hope they deliver ...

I don't think that's a silly question at all man, yes it's a totally randomized and automated battle. So basically it's a game of chance with a slight bent on strategy to put forward your best hand.. at least that's how I see it so far 😂

ok. thanks man. :)

No prob man, see you on the battlefields!

Let me use my starter pack as well to see what this is doing, Thank goodness for that that it is automated, it will prevent from making stupid mistakes hahahahaha

Yeah I'll be interested to know how similar these starter packs really are.. oh and hey stupid mistakes can be fun! Or at least educational right.. 💩

Oh god. I won a pack but have to buy a starter pack to play... and nearly did before I slapped myself in the face and woke up lol... Great explanation though ...

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Hahahaaaa oh goddess you so funny! Only do it if you can handle the FUN LOL.. 😝

Just kidding though seriously we all know and love what you're doing and that you're so committed to it. You're an incredible leader and scribe @naturalmedicine it's such important work! #Respect 💚🙏

So you are also into it.
I came to see what you're posting about.
there's nothing more to say hahaha

Hey Monk! Thanks will go check you out too man, thanks for the comment and hope to see you on the battlefields someday! 👍

Hey adventurers! Superb post here by @crystalhuman about "TANK" strategy and a sweet give away that's basically free to enter with a few tasks:

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Hey I've also found these two posts by chatting in the #steemmonsters discord group. I'm linking and sharing them here for further reading and learning. This game is dangerously addictive once you start getting a grip of how it plays. Soon you'll be hooked and looking for more info so check back often and I'll add what I find! 😄

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My goal with this post is not to say "this is the right way to do things" but rather to share a bit of my experience to date with SteemMonsters and possibly share with others a perspective they might not otherwise see.. @toddmck

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