Killers of citizens

in #how2 years ago

157 people lost their lives over the weekend in a Plane Crash. Little did they know that the day before the crash would have been their last day on plane earth. Young one perished under collapsed buildings little did the parents know they will loose their children. We fight over things that are of less values. We fight over things that money can replace. We work extra shifts and forget to live. We keep away from families and friends for one little mistake. We create enemies over silly stuff not knowing if we will ever have d opportunity to reconcile . My point is, life is short, we know not when we will take our last breath; let us stop the fight, the hate, the evil, the envy, the anger, the bitterness and let us live together in unity with love. Be the big one today and send a line to anyone you have offended or hurt.
Just a line, “I am sorry” could change so much. Let us live each day as If it was our last because tomorrow is NEVER promised. Today you are here and tomorrow you could be no more. Let us forgive quickly, laugh uncontrollably, and let us never regret ANYTHING or anyone that made us smile. To my family and friends, I love you. To those I have wronged, I say I am sorry and to those who wronged me, I honestly forgive you. Life is too short to hold on to the past, or to hold on to anger and hurt. Live in Peace / Love and you will live long.

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