🌟Pimp Your Post🌟 A Beginner's Guide to making your Steemit posts LOOK AWESOME.

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Pimp Your Post.png

Greetings, Steemians!

It's lesson time!

🌟I'm going to present you the BEST and EASIEST tools to make your Steemit posts SHINE!🌟

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Markdown- The Easier HTML.

  • Free & Legal Images. How to find and cite them.

  • Cover Image - The Perfect size.

Let's start with a little Markdown.

👉First, here are some super helpful posts for even MORE Markdown.I still use these on the daily.

Markdown Tutorial. This is literally like markdown school, with lessons and everything!
Github's Markdown Cheatsheet It has it ALL.
The Ultimate Guide to Markdown. Ultimate is no joke. There are even apps to help you!

The Basics


They come in all sizes. Well, 6 sizes.😏
You simply type # (hashtag) and then a space before what you want as your heading. One hashtag is the biggest and 6 is the smallest. You'll probably only use 1,2 or 3.

# Heading 1
## Heading 2
### Heading 3
#### Heading 4
##### Heading 5
###### Heading 6

Which turn out like this:

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6


To italicize just add a little asterisk BEFORE and AFTER the word or sentences.

To bold one more asterisk on each side. (Two total.)

To italicize bold, put 'em together! (So 3 asterisks on each side.)
***italicize bold***

To ==add highlight==, place two equal signs on either side of your word or phrase.
==add highlight==

To strike through, you'll need two horizontal squigglies... No, I do NOT know what they are actually called. It's found left of the #1 on the keyboard.😏
~~strike through~~
Edit to add: It has been brought to my knowledge, from one of our very own genius Steemit comrads, @synrg , that the squiggly is called a tidle. It checks out. No one knows why... but there ya have it. Also, it's not always near the #1, it can be anywhere.

🍋Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!🍋

👆But what about that little line right there👆???
Those are asterisks too! Or underscores OR dashes.
Just three (or more) in a row.


You can add click-through links to all your text! Like I did above with the helpful Markdown posts.

You will put brackets [] around whatever you want your button or clickable text to read. Follow that with your link in parenthesis ().

It will look like this:
[Markdown Tutorial](https://www.markdowntutorial.com/lesson/1/)

And turn out like this:
Markdown Tutorial


Luckily, these are almost IDENTICAL to links.

It looks exactly the same, except for an exclamation mark at the very beginning. You also don't NEED to have a title. I often just leave this blank. I copy/pasted a Bitmoji directly from my browser below. As you can see, it doesn't even bring in an actual title, but the brackets are needed to complete the code.



Time to move some stuff over!
You can center ANYTHING, all you need is to put <center> at the beginning of the word/image/etc and </center> at the end. If you do NOT put the backslash on the ending code, it will center the REST of your post from that point. I missed that once and was so confused. 😕



Becomes this little gem...

It's like I tooted my way to the center!

Text works the same way.

## <center>**You are amazing!**</center>

You are amazing!


This gave me the MOST trouble. In fact, I'm a little worried about getting it right here...



To move text to the LEFT or RIGHT of an image and wrap it around you need to set up the code EXACTLY like this (you can copy/paste this and fill it in):

<div class="pull-right">
TEXT WOULD GO HERE. I used the code above.


Re-cap to move left or right:

  • First line is the pull code (left OR right).
  • Second line is the IMAGE ADDRESS.
  • 3rd line CLOSES the pull code
  • 4th line is the TEXT you want to be pulled left or right.


This is pretty intuitive. You can use -, +, or * in front of a word, followed by a space, and it will be converted to a solid DOT ●.

* This is the first choice.
- I like this too.
+ May never use the + symbol, but it's here.

  • This is the first choice.
  • I like this too.
  • May never use the + symbol, but it's here.


I think this is pretty important. Anytime you want to use the exact words of someone else, it's best to use this and then CITE your source. I also use this to simply offset parts of my blog I want to stand out.

Super simple, just add a > at the beginning of your quote.

> Blockquotes can be fun and add depth to your posts.

Blockquotes can be fun and add depth to your posts.


This is a basic copy/paste of the link. If you want YouTube to COUNT the views as they are seen on Steemit, you need to grab the EMBED code. Do NOT just copy/paste the URL. You WILL want to add the code to center after you bring it in. They just look better that way. 😃

Here's a little parody by my hubs. I'm the sexy blonde...

Here's what the coding looks like first:
<center><iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/VrqQE01IByQ?ecver=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></center>

Whoa. 😵That was a little more than The Basics.

There's more than that, but I don't want to overwhelm you too much.🙃

Next up... IMAGES!

Three weeks ago I shared this How-To on using Google to find free-use images. It was seriously the best thing I'd found in months!😍



Google search whatever you want.
Click on Images.
Click on TOOLS below the search bar.
Now all images are ready for you!

To be safe, still click through to the site, to make sure it's actually free. I even like to cite those too, for full transparency.😀

Here are a few good image sites that are free use:

Pro-Tip: With that Google Image tool above you can just use Google to search ALL of those sites. Such a time saver!😍

Basic Image Editing - Free Options

I won't get WAY into it here (as this post is getting lengthy), but I DO want to touch on my two favorite FREE image editing websites:

Let me know if you want a tutorial on either of those!

Canva is pretty user-friendly and FREE.

You can upgrade to about $13/month for more features, with no penalty for turning it on or off. I sporadically pay for it, depending on what I'm needing at the time. Generally, the free version suits me pretty well.

canva page.jpg

Inside Canva you have the option to create a myriad of different social media images, all pre-loaded templates for easy using. Unfortunately, there isn't a template for Steemit Blog Cover Photo ... yet. Fortunately, you CAN create your own template using CUSTOM DIMENSIONS.

Why is this important?



After a bit of sleuthing, I finally found the EXACT dimensions that (currently) fit into the feed on Steemit.com.

They are 256 x 144.

Or any multiples of.
That size shows up pretty small, but still looks perfect in the feed.
Other size options:

512 x 288
786 x 432
1024 x576

To create my cover photos I go to Canva and select USE CUSTOM DIMENSIONS.
It's pretty easy after that. I can upload images to use, add text, background, pictures and other elements. All your creations are stored in the Cloud for FREE. To use them you simply need to download to your device.

There ARE some things that cost. Just avoid those.😀

And finally a little about LunaPic.

I DO plan to do a tutorial on this so won't go into it now. One of the perks?
Easy uploading. You can grab an image address and pop it right on the main page. Or upload directly from your device. There are A MILLION different things/ways to edit photos. A million. 😎 I use this to scale my Bitmojis and selfies down to comment size (150 x 150).

lunapic page.jpg

Feel free to go play around with it. I promise to come back with a tutorial to make it easier soon.


💥You made it!💥

All the way through! Congratulations! You're that much closer to creating perfectly engaging, high quality posts!😃

Bet you're feeling pretty great right now, huh?

I know I am. That took me all day! LOL! 😅

Be sure to bookmark this for later use. I'm gonna. 😉

If you find yourself having trouble, don't hestitate to comment with questions below or find me on Steemit.chat and I'll help any way I can.🤓

All images were created by me or from Bitmoji.com. Make your own today!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

memoji see you soon.png

Hugs & Kisses 💋carrie signature.gif

carrieallen signature 2.png


Good reference to polish your post.
I know I will use it.
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you! 😍

I hope many will find it useful. It's a little long, but really has EVERYTHING you need to make your posts stand out.

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a camel: 🐪

Great post! I'm a little late to the party but there is a lot of useful info in this post! Glad I stumbled across it!

I'm glad too! Info's still good. 😍 So far, nuttin's changed. I should get on another post with some advanced things though... 🤔

I've followed you so that I won't miss your updated post. Looking forward to it. This old dog is ready to learn some new tricks! All the best, @carrieallen!

It's on my To Do list. I'm probably going to use much of this one (cause MANY haven't seen it), but add several NEW / more advanced things. This way it will all be in the same spot.

I am doing a quick (lol, even I don't believe that...) tutorial on LunaPic before this one though.

Hi Carrie!
Hope the fitness challenge is rolling :)
Checked your feed after i made the last comment and found this after one of your posts.
Thank you very much for the in depth guide, this helped a ton!
Going to try to upgrade my posts with some formating and upload images in proper size from now.

Thanks for taking the time to write this!

  • Devin

Hey, Devin!

It IS rollin'.... just not quite as I'd hoped.

I've done a lot of soul searching and I think I've figured out what the problem is... And I kinda always knew.

I've been trying to better myself and do new things in ALL aspects of my life and I'm finding all the new tasks overwhelming. On top of that, there's still something inside of me the puts off working out. I also put off other things, but working out is the worst.

The good news? I'm doing MUCH better in organizing my time with the other new things and am suddenly FINDING time to work out, where I just felt I couldn't squeeze it in before.

This tiny little thing as given me a new PUSH!
No. I won't make my challenge from a few months ago, BUT! I'm excited to keep going.

Thank YOU for always coming back and checking in. That's way helpful to me.

And YOU'RE welcome! I had fun making this post.

In fact, in the next day or so I've done a similar lesson for @helpie where I'll be rewarding folks with upvotes for using Markdown in the comment section. Check it out, if ya wanna. (Plus, @helpie is a really good group of individuals out to HELP. You can come play and then get invited to join.) 😍

Hi! @carrieallen I enjoy to much this article and the same with @katrina-ariel and @crisangel guides posts (im new student member of @thealliance), thanks a lot for make this guides, really very helpfull, since today im pimping my post! I begin with my today new music post, and i try to fix all of this pasts 7 days posts, I need to justify text and i was searching long time ago but i dont knew about it, just right now i can use it, so thanks for your posts

I'm so glad!

First, to justify:

<div class="text-justify">TEXT GOES HERE</div>

I have a more updated version of this... with even MORE tips and tricks! Check it out below.
I'm one of the newer 'teachers' in #thealliance so will be popping over to help you with formatting and such! Welcome!

🌟ULTIMATE Markdown Tutorial🌟

hi :D <3 thanks a lot ;) yes! i could justify my text today for my first "justified" post :D xD
in the end of I write
too for give space for another line :D

Yes! im new student from #thealliance too, since yesterday :D i saw your post just over there in the markdown´s guide room ;) so, thanks a lot :D

If you wanna see my new post here its the link, its about my experimenta freak music

Blessings ;)

Thanks so much! You cleared up a couple things I've been wondering about for a while. Sorry I found you too late to upvote (will upvote another post of yours!)

Here's another tip that I had a hard time finding but that I use all the time now. It turns a pic into a clickable link.


It works well with 'pull-left/right' too!
P.S. I love your art work! Talented and funny!

Thank YOU!

I hadn't really needed that yet, so hadn't even thought about it!

Thank you, I did not know about the youtube counter, just pasted the link. Where was this post when I was starting? Bookmarked as ref help.

The 'squiggly' in question ~ is called a tidle. Don't ask me what it's for though! Or how I know ;) Thanks for the post! Good resource to have.

I don't mean to nitpick, but it's a tiLDe, not a tiDDLy. That's why the word might be hard to Google.

No you're absolutely right to nitpick. I realized my error afterwards but never got around to correcting it.

LOL! Thank you! I tried to just Google the character, but that didn't work.

I'm going to go up and edit it and give you credit. I also found out, it's not always in the same place on a keyboard. 😯

Thanks for stoppin' by!
Here is a little dragon: 🐉

Thank you!!! :)

In common usage the tilde means 'approximately'. eg. '~10 hrs ago' = 'approximately 10 hrs ago'

Tildes appear in many places, but most famously in Spanish (señor = mister), above the letter N: Ñ, ñ (Pronounced like N+Y): Ñ (Wikipedia article gives more info)

Lol! Computer troubles. I commented from my other account... but clearly that's me. 😎


  • Way!




Lol! It's totally true! 🙃

Holy cow that is so much IMPORTANT information that im going to have to resteem it so i can continue to reference it till i get the hang of all these tricks.
I have been wondering about these things but I didnt have time to actually look around to figure it all out, thank u so much for this, it is a huge help!

Sure! I'm glad it'll be useful. I assumed if I wanted something like this, maybe one or two others would too.

Happy Steeming!

One more question, u said "bookmark this page," is that actually a thing on steemit?
cuz that would be great! (If so, how?)
Thanks :)

Not yet. Though you CAN bookmark on Busy.org, which uses the Steemit blockchain (so all the info in a different outfit). I really love Busy, actually :)

And I also just add bookmarks to my browser bar for easy grabbing.

If you're interested in Busy, let me know and I'll lead you in the right direction.

Currently, my computer is sick, so things are a little harder this minute. Hopefully, tomorrow it will be better.

P.S. This IS @carrieallen. I normally use the Chrome Browser as me and the Brave Browser as @transientflowers. Currently, the Chrome Browser has the sickness...

Ummm... that's a lot to read. I'm going to continue yelling at you from the other room when I need to know how to do something. That seems to work.

Why ruin a good thing?

I love you too! 😍😉

Wow, this was thorough. Wow, you didn't leave anything out and actually showed a few I am sure I haven't seen on other tutorials.

Oh, yes. Quite thorough. It's exactly what I wanted when I was trying to learn all of this. Plus, with a little personality. 😉

Amazing helpful! Thank you for putting this out there!

You are so welcome!

Amazing helpful! Thank you for putting this out there!


You are the best! So much info and help! Upvoted and Resteemed!

Yay! Thank YOU for putting a fire under me to get this done. I'd been working on it for a bit (whilst compiling all the info for myself). Feels good that it's done. 😃

Now, on to the next tutorials!

Mind expansion from overload of information! Haha nah it is a good reference and helpful for anyone. I learned a few more that I didn't know, thanks! :)

Yes. Yes. Mind expanded. 😎

There are a few more that I use in THIS post, but I felt like I was getting a little out of control. 🙃

test lol good tips! :)

Yay! You found the squiggly! 🙃

That little guy can be elusive. 😎

Wow! This was one of the best instructional i have seen. I will be adding this to my keepers and looks like i'll be busy for a while trying all this stuff! Thank YOU

Have great time pimping those posts!

Lol! I actually was super stoked when I learned all this. 🙃


OMG! He's so cute! (I mean sexy!) LOL!
Do you really have blue hair? Cause that'd be cool.😎

Bitmojis are the best!

Have fun creating!

I do in my head but employer's don't

Funny and informative. Thats what i like. I will now center my images and add some styling to my texts. I had to figure out few of this things yesterday for the first time :)

I'm glad you found it!

It'll become second nature in no time.

I even try to write in markdown on other social media. It doesn't work, which is dumb. LOL!😆

Congratulations @carrieallen ! I’ve spent many hours reviewing Steemit materials designed to assist beginners, in preparation to provide some targeted support to particular individuals.

I think it is particularly important to be sensitive to persons' community(ies) and subject(s) of interest (what they brought with them when they came to Steemit) and then try to help them to quickly find their ‘compatriots’ in the extremely diverse Steemit community, where you have to be extremely agile in keeping track of where your own post is on display after it comes into the New area and then disappears a few minutes later.

In the process of offering this targeted help (targeted as outlined above), I will have the occasion to point people to contributions of unusually good quality and helpfulness. Yours will always be in my short list of contributions to recommend concerning post presentation.

I’m a university prof., book author, etc. You have achieved a very high level of pedagogical effectiveness, IMO. There should be ways to bring pieces like yours to the much greater audience (than 114 views) that they deserve (in your case it is the ton of people trying to make good posts). And I hope that by now you have absorbed the idea that Steemit payments are generally good for "a few cups of coffee at Starbucks". Thankfully, that's no big deal for many good authors, like you.

Thank you so much!

When I started Steeming I found a LOT of helpful material, but nothing really in one spot. I created this as a sort of 'go to' for post creation. Though as I mentioned, there's much more! I felt like this was all very palatable, even for beginners. It probably helps a little that I'm ... colorful..🙃

And yes, I agree. I wish there was a way to get little helpful gems like this out to the masses. I'm reminded of a few tens of years ago when the ONLY way to be seen would have to been to get published. At least I have a shorter distance to go than that. 😉

It's really just a matter of exposure. Because I've yet to 'prove' myself to the masses, I simply don't have the reach.

But it's no matter. As you noted, I'll do this regardless. The added bonus of getting paid (even a little) to help, is something I'm not yet used to, but quite thankful for.

Welcome to Steemland! I wish you the best of luck ushering in the masses!

If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. You can also find me on Steemit.chat. If I don't know, I may know someone who does.

Until we meet again-

Hello and thanks carrieallen!
RE: “a few tens of years ago when the ONLY way to be seen would have to been to get published.”
Your remark brings that world back into my memory, and how right you are! If you have a big publisher or you already have a big name, marketing help will come along without a whole lot of cost for you. However, in this world, we either have to be clever marketers or to buy marketing support.
Most interestingly, the design of the reward system in Steemit more or less forces you to develop marketing and networking skills if you are to ever approach getting a decent number of dollars for each serious effort that you put in.

Finally, thank you for the invitation, which I think I will very likely take up from time to time with an offer to compensate you properly for your time. Here’s what I have in mind.

Most of my work is rather technical and the idea of putting in graphics comes up only when the graphics are statistical in character and are an essential part of the message that you want to convey. Consequently, the use of graphics that I see often here in Steemit, and which you demonstrate so effectively in your piece, is something with which I have no experience.

So from time to time, when I want to make my piece more appealing by putting in visuals that I would not normally use, I plan to call on you for your assistance on what would be good to put in a particular place, its design etc..

I should tell you, though, that I’m coming from another writing environment where my rewards are far greater than they are in Steemit, even though I generally get zero payment for a particular piece! Thus my posting here will be quite occasional, which is one reason I’ve decided that my focus here will be dialoguing one-on-one with people.


That's completely perfect.

My husband was the same way. He just didn't know what to do to break up all his words. Now, he's pretty awesome at it. 😃

Essentially, it's like putting each set of ideas (or single idea) into a section simply broken up with a picture that conveys the point. When we do this, it gives the brain a chance to stop, reiterate what was said (with the image) and be ready to start afresh.

The problem ( I find) with long sets of words, is folks tend to skim and jump ahead. If I can combat that with a picture here and there, ensuring more of my content being read/understood, I'm gonna do it. 😉

I think it's particularly important when trying to present more technical info to the masses. Of course, many smarty-pants🤓 will always love (and need) the more technical jargon.

I totally understand your 'rewards'. 😀

I'll be here Steemin' on. You may also email me, but we get reputation points for interacting on here... However, all of it goes in the blockchain... So email may be better for some things.

[email protected]

Note: It's the day before Hallowen. So I'm a Zombie...

You've put some very new ideas into my head about the strategy of inserting graphical elements (beyond my usual statistical charts) at the 'right' places to achieve specific pedagogical purposes, so thanks! I'll seek your coaching when I try that kind of communication!


What awesome recomendations. I knew how to do most of this, but found a few useful gems. Which tip has been the most helpful to pimp your posts.

I think using the Headings, even if you don't really use anything else, can make your post easier to navigate. 😃

Thanks for stopping by!

YOU DID NOT meñtion how to produce colored text

Correct. Because I don't have any idea how. Do you? If yes, I'll take your suggestions.

I DID look it up, but found that while helpful, markdown is NOT a complete replacement for HTML. That said, if you already know how to code in HTML, then you probably CAN color text.

For now, if I need/want that. I would use a go around and simply make an image file of some kind.

I have to do the same thing to create emojis that don't exist. Technically, if I make it an image file, no matter how small, it's still not an emoji, but it appears to be one.

You can use images in much the same way to make/use different fonts and colors.

If you find anything- do let me know. I love a good shortcut!

Wonderful (and artfully entertaining) article of information from which to reference, thank you.
For my first post, I created it in Microsoft Word and tried to c&p it over. A few glitches but I finally somehow got Markdown & me on the same page (so to speak). Your tips will definitely make future articles easier to create, and I like knowing that I'll be able to play around with layout etc.
Do you know if the font can be changed? (Personally, I always prefer working & reading Arial.)

Yay! I'm glad I helped.

To make it even easier on you try out https://stackedit.io/editor or https://hackmd.io/ . They are IN browser Markdown editors that are pretty easy to use, can connect to Google Drive and store in the browser for easy grabbing. Plus, if something's not working on Steemit.com you can always copy/paste into one of those and see what it looks like.

I also do this at busy.org. 😃

AND if you use the Chrome Browser there's an extension that makes the editor show up to the right when you're creating a post. So that's cool.

Regarding font: Nopers. Markdown is simplified (structure only) version of HTML. Though if you know HTML, you can combine the two whenever you want. Here's a link I found that very concisely explains it. You may be able to get it to work... In fact, I may try it out too. 🙃


Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks, I will check out those links and have a play around. :)

Thanks for this funny and informative tutorial ! Where do you find this funny comic figures ?

I created my own Bitmoji (I call her my memoji) at Bitmoji.com. Simply go there and download the correct app and start creating! Once you have your image there are TONS of cartoons to choose from and more being created every day. It's pretty awesome.

I use the original size in my posts, but always shrink them down to 150px for comments.

For the love of all things, please shrink your images for comments. 😅 Someone on here always uses huge ones and they are so obtrusive. It's like back in the day when newbies to the interwebs typed in all caps. 🤣 Yelling isn't necessary. We can all read. LOL!

OH! Also, SAVE the images. No telling if/when Bitmoji will cease to exist. They used to have a comic version of the site too... but alas, that is no more. 😔

Thanks for stopping by! 😍

Thank you very much! I’ll check that out! It would be cooler to paint one on my own, but well... 😊

True. True. But my memoji disagrees. LOL!

This is a really important topic Carrie and I'm glad you have brought it up (:
I am just now recently starting to dive into the Markdown magic you can do on here and I really enjoy it a lot! It makes reading an IG or FB post just BORING! lol

Lol! I totally agree! Now, when I'm (sporadically) on FB I try to use Markdown and can't... Then I'm like, "What's the point?" LOL!

I spend a lot of time reading through posts. Many have pretty great, original content, but it's just presented poorly. If we can get out enough of these friendly tutorials, quality will rocket. 🚀

I have a few more tutorials along these lines coming up. Most all the resources I use are free and relatively user-friendly. Might as well share the wealth. 😍

Keep up the awesome work Carrie (: I think everybody will like Steemit more when they realize how to make their posts stand out!

Wow. This one really helps to better my posts.

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz: pixabay.com
Nice, you got a 7.0% @minnowbooster upgoat, thanks to @carrieallen
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Awesome Stuff, C.A.! I really LOL'ed at this one :D

I got the link from one of your newest minnows in the Classrooms :D
I got in the Alliance before the current format and I think it's Great!
I know a lot of markdown but there's nothing like a refresher ;)


So... Ginabot told me you commented, but I could only see the first line....

I KNEW this was the pic you were thinking of! 🤣
I really wanted something with movement... and this seemed just right. LOL!

I'll be doing another one (with some more codes) soon. But it shall be amusing. Cause why else would ya read it? 😉

I'm wondering if it would be OK for me to use your new post in my training, and if you give me a heads up I will run it when it is NEW and ask my little fishies friends to throw you some lovin's OF COURSE, I will too!


For sure! I will bump it up on my To Do list!

Let's say I'll shoot for Tuesday. 😀

I have a BUNCH of stuff to do today to get ready for my (second) radio/podcast show tomorrow. And I need to real world work tomorrow before my show... So Tuesdays seems doable. 😍

Wow great Post.... thanks for sharing..
You will check this out and give me a feedback..https://steemit.com/photography/@towhid/a-day-in-national-memorial-for-photography

Excellent stuff Carrie ;)
Tooting your mini-me to the center .. how do you make this stuff up LOL

Lol! Thank you @mcfarhat! 😍

The tooting memoji (it's what I call her) cracked me up too! I was trying to find something that made me look like I was 'moving over'... and that did it! I literally laughed out loud and decided to just use it... even if it's a little weird.

I suppose, so am I! 🙃

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