Tutorial: How to use the Blocktrades.us exchange? (English/German)

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In this tutorial-article I want to show you, how you can exchange your STEEM and SBD directly into BTC, or other cryptocurrencies with the exchange service by @blocktrades. At first, here is the website: https://blocktrades.us

[German] In diesem Anleitungs-Artikel möchte ich euch zeigen, wie ihr mit dem Tausch-Service von @blocktrades eure STEEM und SBD direkt in BTC, oder andere Kryptowährungen tauschen könnt. Hier zuerst die Webseite: https://blocktrades.us

Here is how to use the Blocktrades cryptocurreny exchange platform!

So benutzt man die Blocktrades Kryptowährungs-Tausch-Plattform!

1. Setup your preffered exchange pair, in this example I used STEEM/BTC:

[German] 1. Stelle dein bevorzugtes Tausch-Paar ein, in diesem Beispiel habe ich STEEM/BTC benutzt:

 photo fd538697-e9b6-451f-b244-552d3b86f25d_zpsim9e4dr9.jpg

2. Enter your receive address (your bitcoin wallet in this example), click on "Get Deposit Address", copy the memo-code, go into your Steemit wallet and send the STEEM (in this example for a STEEM to BTC exchange) to the Steemit account of @blocktrades:

[German] 2. Gib deine Empfangs-Adresse ein (dein Bitcoin Wallet in diesem Beispiel), klicke auf "Get Deposit Address", kopiere den Notiz-Code, gehe in dein Steemit-Wallet und sende die STEEM (in diesem Beispiel für ein STEEM zu BTC Tausch) an den Steemit-Account von @blocktrades:

 photo 7ee5b525-a749-487a-a57a-933b536b4ed9_zpsfu6jincd.jpg

 photo 763847ed-737e-425c-9359-72ad601a7ea8_zpsheevmnzj.png

Don´t forget to add the memo code for the transaction, it is important that the transaction can assigned to you!

[German] Vergiss nicht den Notiz-Code (memo code), er ist wichtig, damit die Transaktion dir zugeordnet werden kann!

3. You can control that your transaction was sent in your wallet historie:

[German] 3. In deinem Wallet-Verlauf kannst du kontrollieren, dass deine Transaktion gesendet wurde:

 photo 9c106cf0-e1a6-49f4-82ef-2a0b808cc672_zpseirrdi15.jpg

4. After only a few seconds/minutes, you can see that your transaction was received at the blocktrades platform and some minutes after it, you will receive the BTC at your Bitcoin wallet! (You can use a BTC deposit wallet of other exchanges, such as Poloniex, for receiving the Bitcoins too.)

[German] 4. Nach schon ein paar wenigen Sekunden/Minuten kannst sehen, dass deine Transaktion auf der Blocktrades-Plattform angekommen ist und ein paar Minuten danach wirst du die BTC auf dein Bitcoin-Wallet erhalten! (Du kannst auch eine BTC Einzahlungs-Adresse von anderen Handelsbörsen, wie z.B. Poloniex benutzen, um die die Bitcoins zu erhalten.)

 photo 79c0a961-2fb1-4628-8064-7a6a7eae1547_zpscptezga1.jpg

Best regards and hear you in my next article!

[German] Beste Grüße und wir hören uns in meinem nächsten Artikel!

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Jonas Ahrens

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Very informative. Intend to keep my steem and steem dollars for the time being

Thanks you for the feedback @positivesteem!

I didn't know you could use blocktrades for that. Thanks.

You are welcome!

Hi @future24, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads today and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

If you use blocktrades, I suppose you don't need to even bother with poloniex? I haven't even looked into that one.

No you don´t need Poloniex if you use blocktrades, only if you want to store your BTC´s there, or you want to buy a cryptocurrency, which is not supported at the blocktrades exchange. You can even use a deposit adress at the blocktrades exchange of a site to sell your BTC´s for Euro/USD, such as anycoindirect.eu. I will write another tutorial how to do this.

I think you are my mind reader. I was just asking @logic how to do that :D

Yeah, Im glad that Im able to help you! If you like, tell if my tutorial was helpfull for you, after you made the transaction, or if I have to add more information. I wanted to keep it easy and simple.

@future24 is it better to convert steem or steem dollars or it does not matter? I am still a bit confused.

in fact. I would like to learn about trading. It is really interesting me. How do I go about it as a complete beginner? Youtube videos? Courses?

Yes of course you can find many videos on Youtube and information on trading blogs. You should begin with the trading basics and for crypto-trading you have to make good research about the coins. In the most cases it is the best to invest in coins, before they go public to the exchanges, or of course when the price is low. (But you have to make researches about why the price was falling and if there is potential that it will raise again.) In fact, you have to make reasearch, research, research... :D

Yeah never stop learning. Ever...

Shame I don't have any money yet, but hoping that will change in the near future (after I move and get more stable). Just thinking if shall I move my tiny bit of steem to steem power or to bitcoin? I am thinking starting a little investment.. and as I earn more steem, I can see it slowly grow...

I know. I use both. :D

Because the Steem price is very low, it could be a good move to invest in Steem Power, but I don´t want to say what you should do, it´s your money. :D

Steem and Steem Dollars are different. In my example above I used Steem. I you want to transfer Steem Dollars, you have to choose Steem Dollars at the blocktrades site. Don´t send Steem Dollars, if you choosed Steem like me in my example for the tutorial above @dashfit.

All noted. Thank you for the clarification. I am finally getting better picture of it all.

@future24 ! Your books are useful, definitely.
And available in the understanding, without the bells and whistles. It is right.

Resteemed. Thanks for sharing Jonas!

Thank you for the resteem and compliment @lydon.sipe!

This is very useful info. Thank you @future24

Thank you very much for the feedback @groundbreaker!

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Great thing - but is there a guide how I change BC to SBD and put them to my steemit wallet?