9 Steps to Engaging Posts on Steemit

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A lot of people need help in writing and formatting their posts. Some new Steemians who do not have a blogging background have shared discomfort with their content creation skills. That's why I created a complete blog creation tutorial for the community. Who doesn't want to posts to be engaging? 

Well, I also want that I read good posts in my feed. That's why I am sharing these 9 steps for you to follow and create amazing blog posts on Steemit.

This infographic image is a great checklist for anyone wishing to get the best out of their Steemit posts. Following it will ensure greater rewards and recognition. I can guarantee you that because I have been following my checklist and the engagement has been phenomenal.

If you wish to read these 9 steps in details, you can do it by visiting my detailed post on the topic here. I hope this tutorial helps you greatly. If you think your followers will benefit from this post, please do resteem it.


The first few tips are common from HS English class and then again from when I was a newspaper reporter and staff writer.
My two main issues are:
It's been too long since I blogged (took almost 2 years off from writing) and remembering the basic html codes for underlining, inserting links, etc
Helpful info- thanks

As you rightly pointed out, all this is common knowledge in various forms of writing. We just need to stick to these basics.

HTML codes are so easy to forget in a long time like this. This basic HTML tutorial will help you for sure.

yes bro u r right many problems and compition face newly steemians like me i agree with u....congrats ur good work @ilyastarar brother

Thanks a lot.

May I know how you created that signature ?

This one (signature or footer)

Oh this one. The banner. I created it using Canva.com

thanks mans, i'll check it out..

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HI ya! What I really like about this post is the length, with the options of finding out more in other posts. I find that I, as well as others, have a shorter attention span while on steemit, so I always groan a little bit and start skimming a post when it goes on and on. It's usually only fat in the meat anyway. You have a nice, lean post, full of rich information. Really great.

Thanks a lot, man! I wanted to do a quick post so that my followers could get the value needed. I know the attention spans have shortened but I have some biga** attention span (developed it). Reading and writing can never be tiring as long as it is meaningful and useful.

I guess all of my post are bads :(

Just saw the notification that you unfollowed me. Could have helped you but... Good luck.

I'm from Venezuela, the situation here is not good. I was cheeking the persons I follow and the page just cling or i don't know how to say that in english, but it make me unfollow like 10 more persons :( no my intention. Still Thanks. Keep posting, i'll be reading

Exceptional post yet again hats off to @ilyastarar.
Upvote & Resteem this 5* work !

Thanks a lot

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