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Trust me, @papa-pepper knows a lot of ways to try to find turtles... a lot!

Though this may not be for everyone, trying to find Snapping Turtles by feeling around in the mud with your bare feet is actually an incredibly effective method. Ever since I was young I have been using this method at certain spots where Snapping Turtles have been known to hide.

Somehow, I have even managed to keep all of my toes.


While up in Wisconsin, I took advantage of the opportunity to go look for some Snapping Turtles in one of my favorite spots. I spent about a half hour walking around in the mud barefoot talking to the camera, but in the end I never did end up stepping on a Snapping. Hopefully next time I will succeed.

However, I did manage to capture three Western Painted Turtles and found some other things too. If you feel like watching me wandering in the swamp and talk about turtles for a half hour, these videos may just be for you!


T-shirt provided by @jonny-clearwater

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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How about parrot 😀

wow . i envy you right now. me am really scared of turtles :)

Most turtles are not very scary.

I like your post because you are always real.not like other people who pretending to be what they are not.thanks for being realistic in your post.upvoted

Wow! Thanks so much for that. I do just try to share what I like to do and let others take a peek.

Great post and narrative. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for sharing @papa-pepper. this post is very interesting for me. great post ..

You're welcome. Thanks for checking it out!

that sounds dangeous as hell! you couldnt pay me to do that. Brave man lol. Where are you in Wisconsin btw? Is that where you make all your vids?

I was up in Door County for a week, and then Wisconsin Rapids for a few days. Now we are back home in Arkansas.

Ok cool man. Looks like you had a good and successful trip. Thats a bit of a haul from Wisconsin to Arkansas. Look forward to more posts in the future.

I have walked barefoot in the water at the beach feeling for and finding clams but cannot say I have ever used that method for finding snapping turtles and not sure that I would LOL

That Turtle in the first shot is huge

It is not that much different... okay, maybe a little bit.

Well if there was such a think as snapping clams it may be the same LOL


I think so too!

@Papa-pepper - the SBD is perfectly fine!

Those painted turtles are so small compared to the snapping turtles!

I agree! You'll never find a 40# Painted Turtle!

I have never seen one!

i really like turtles!

Are these glasses x-ray or what man? How you come to see them like that! Impressed!

A lifetime of practice my friend.

Like Steve Irwin was nicknamed the crocodile hunter, I think a good nickname for you would the turtle trapper. That turtle does not look pleased to see you in the top picture

Papa-Pepper: The Turtle Trapper

I like it!

The same turtle that appeared on Steempocalypse :P

Very true. I have actually tried some in real life too. I know some people who cook them.

In Florida we say watch out for the gators.

Now that would be fun.... hopefully one day.

You're a great person. I love watching your videos. Continue like that!

I will continue, and thanks for the encouragement!

I enjoyed your videos and your post
Thanks for sharing
Wish you a great and sunny day

By the way, Today I reached a new milestone – 1200 followers!

Looks sunny so far, hopefully it will be great!

This way is very exciting and full of creativity

Nice post buddy

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I am a city boy but this is still fun to watch..pleas more vids!!