[Steem It! #1] How to justify your text~

in #html5 years ago (edited)
If you are browsing Steemit, you will notice that many people, even in the "hot" section, do not justify their stories. Here is how to justify your text:
<div class="text-justify">

Your stories will look better!


Yes, your little tip has made my articles more attractive. thank you dear.

Brilliant thank you!

Great for a newbie who loves justified texts. This is quite old though, found the tip through google. thanks still.

thanks, helps me a lot

How to justify text. I know this one year old, so you maybe won’t pick my next quetion up.. but here goes:

Can we align two columns of text side by side?, For example to have French on one side and English version on the other side?

Thank you. I used it very easily. Worked well!

Thanks for this.

I will try this thanks!

@dyrits Thank you for the post, keep posting like this. It really help me.

Strangely, it doesn't seem to work anymore.

It works just fine.

Thanks, this helped formatting our introduction post!

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