Htmlcoin "Bitcoin/Ethereum Hybrid Technology 🚀🚀undervalued Coin..🚀🚀

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The new HTMLCOIN was developed using a Bitcoin and Ethereum hybrid blockchain technology which integrates Bitcoin Core, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This amazing technology has improved our coin exponentially making it a very dynamic and decentralized currency with the ultimate purpose of being used in different industries around the world.


A great Business Platform Html (P.O.M.A.)

A great project with a great team and a constantly growing community.

Important NOTE:
This is not advice .. but only a hint information about the project..who wants to invest on its own responsibility with the awareness of a total loss


Yeah in trade or business loss is normal thing.. So thanx for sharing an opportunity.. Best of luck

Thank you ... wish you also much success

I'm not seeing it on Bittrex

No unfortunately not yet listed on Bittrex but in the future maybe .. that would be great.
At the moment only listed on Bleutrade..Tradesatoshi and CryptoBridge..thats the link from Bleutrade..
if you are interested

I'll take a look. I tried to buy Smartcash and transferred a bunch of $$$ to the exchange only to find that Smc was under maintenance since the 9th so I'm spending money shooting cash all over the place paying fees for nothing!

This is very annoying ... I sent litecoin from bittrex to bleutrade that went very fast and the fees are much lower than when sending bitcoin

I've heard that. Blocktrades says the same thing. I bought 4 LTC when they were $53. I'm Holding!!!

You bought very well ... keep it safe. I meant only if you want to buy on another exchanger buy with bitcoin litecoin and send them I always do that .. goes very fast and the transfer fee is much lower.

I did, I bought with BTC. My LTC is part of my "nestegg" I don't touch that. I figure when all is said and done- it will top $1000.

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