HubrisOne : All in one for your Cryptocurrency Assets.

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Welcome back to my personal blog. On this occasion I will review HubrisOne. The traditional banking system has taught us a valuable lesson: securing your money is the most important thing to do. That is why the bank has bulletproof doors, security guards, safes that are protected by various sensors, sophisticated biometric scanners, and so on.

But ironically, human intervention has become one of the biggest disadvantages in the bank's security system. Because of that, the decentralized Bitcoin system emerged in response to these problems. Through a feature called Cryptowallet or a virtual crypto wallet, owners of crypto money can store their assets without the need for a storage and physical security system.

Introduce HubrisOne

HubrisOne is a service / application platform that provides a service in cryptocurrency storage systems. Their main platform is to provide various kinds of convenience in trading and storing digital currency assets. HubriOne also provides a payment system through the wallet platform they launched, we as HubrisOne users can be facilitated to make transactions via Mobile / Computer. This makes HubrisOne a Bank service platform that we can use to easily store & transact a digital asset.

Not only as a wallet service, HubrisOne also provides a feature where we cryptocurecny users can view our porfolia cryptocurrency in the HubrisOne application.


HubrisOne in their wallet application, will provide various features that will support the use of HubrisOne wallet.

  1. Wealth.
    This feature will give you a service to connect various types of cryptocurrency exchange accounts in one application, making it easy to view cryptocurrency portfolios in one application.
  2. Crypto Lending.
    One of these features would prefer to provide liquidity by using Fiat to give an interest by receiving one of the HubrisOne tokens.
  3. B2C & P2P Marketplace
    Providing a marketplace service that uses blockchain technology to facilitate services such as travel, accommodation, insurance, finance, e-commerce and more.


My experience with using the HubrisOne application at this time is quite satisfied, because the interface provided by the HubrisOne team in developing their wallet is enough to make me comfortable. Moreover, the HubrisOne application provides various kinds of convenience in the use of cryptocurrency assets.

Thats it the article about HubrisOne, if you are all very interested about HubrisOne you can visit the link below to get more information about HubrisOne.


Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this is not to be considered financial advice, it is merely my opinion and any investment should not be taken without speaking to a qualified professional first.

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