HUGOT Contest - 10 SBDs Up For Grab!

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Welcome to the Sponsored Hugot Contest!

Status: OPEN
Duration: 7 days from this posting

This contest is sponsored by:

2nd Place: 2 SBD from @pingcess
1st Place: 3 SBD from @arrliinn
Grand Prize: 5 SBD from yours truly ^_^

We would like to see how creative our fellow Filipino steemians are! Show us your hugot side personality.

What is hugot?
HUGOT is a Filipino word which means to draw or to pull out. The usage of the hashtag “#hugot” became popular not so long ago and is usually used along with song lyrics, a quote, etc. that the person tweeting relates to; “#hugot” means the accompanying words draw emotions out of him/her. Read more about it here in Urban Dictionary.

Contest Rules & Submission Information:

  1. Compose your original entry in Tagalog language. Only 1 official entry will be considered.
  2. Make sure that we can feel your hugot side. This can be in a funny or sad way, corny way is also counted.
  3. Submit your entry with the following:
    a) minimum 100 words
    b) in any form of writing
    b) if poetry it should have 3 stanzas minimum
    c) adding of images is not mandatory but you can add some to spice up your entry, just make sure to add the source of your image(s) if it is not yours.
  4. Tagging should include these 3 - #hugotcontest #steemph #pilipinas the other 2 is really up to you.
  5. Add this link in your entry.
  6. Resteem & like this post.
  7. Link your post in a reply here or tag me in your post so I can read and review it and to confirm your submission was entered into the contest! Your post will also be upvoted by myself & the rest of the gang.

Judging will be personally made by myself with a little help from others.

Image Source

So what are you waiting for? Sali na kabayan!
Please feel free to resteem and share this sa lahat ng mga kabayan. ^_^

Maraming Salamat po at Good Luck sa lahat ng contestants!

Have you voted your witness?

Consider casting your witness votes for @steemgigs (@surpassinggoogle), @precise, @cloh76.witness, @ausbitbank, @qurator, @jerrybanfield, @blocktrades and @curie who have been adding invaluable contribution to the community.

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Ang lalim ng pinaghugutan nito 🤣

hehe sis sali ka na baka may gusto kang hugutin :)

Wow another contest for my friends @sashley @mallowfitt @fherdz @jedralin join na kayo..

join ka na rin sis @catietan ^_^

Hahaha mabulol ako ngay - sa dami ng linguahe ko hehe
Wait mo ktropa ko si grandmaster @sashley ..

grabe ms. cate grandmaster talaga nyameten bwhahaha :-D

Hurray !! Grand Steemit Master

hahaha Mga Master labas na. Kaw kaya mahugot diyan Master Joe @catietan

sali na po ikaw kabayan ^_^

Ito po ang aking #hugot. Salamat sa pa-contest. Goodluck sa lahat.

Salamat po sa pagsali ^_^

..hugot+poetry+contest=💟💟💟..ahahaha goodluck to evryone...

i-ready mo na yan sis @ahna8911 ^_^

Mapagpalang araw ng Lunes Bb. @lhyn! Maraming salamat po sa inyong patimpalak! Narito po ang aking entry!

Salamat po sa pagsali ^_^

thank you for dropping by @mustaphaaoufi ^_^

@iamqueenlevita @twotripleow @sheshebaylosis @tarsivy @ninjace.. ahahaha ung mga hugot nyo s tns ilabas nyo na...😂😂😂

wag mong kalimutan ang sarili mo sis :) dapat kasali ka rin hehe

..ahahaha uo naman.. ggamitin ko mga hugot ko s gc..ahahaha😂😂😂

ahaha ok yan. good luck sis!

Oo ito na gagawa na haha nang may maipost.

Wow. Madugong hugutan na naman ito mga katropa. I-reresteem ko rin po ang patimpalak na ito para mas marami po ang makasali. Good luck po sa pag-host ng contest!

salamat po ulit sa pag-resteem @tagalogtrail ^_^

Hi there @lhyn. I know I'm no longer qualified to join na kaya lang sayang din ng Hope merong upcoming part 2 where I can join :)

Here is mine po just for the love of hugot. Hugot Contest: Paano Ba Nagsimula ang Wakas?

Salamat po sa pagsali ^_^

salamat po sa pagsali ^_^

Ok tong pa gamesmo.
Sure maraming kababayan ang sasali.

sali ka na rin po ^_^

Good luck every one.. Upvoted...😊

thank you po sa upvote. sali ka na din @wilson29 ^_^

Wow gusto ko ito hehehe
Whooo exciting! 😉

sali ka na sis @shielashraf ^_^ masaya to for sure hehe

Goodluck sa pacontest ate @lhyn :* Will try! hahha

thanks @judeeey03! sali ka din para masaya hihi

haaallllaaaaaaa.. pasok mga hugotero at hugotera. hahaha

sali ka na rin sis! ^_^ hihi

Salamat po sa pagsali ^_^

Hello. Ito po ang aking entry. Sana ay magustuhan niyo.

salamat po sa pagsali ^_^

Hi! 😊 This is really an awesome contest! Napasali ako kahit walang nag imbita hahaha..
Here's my entry for this...

salamat po sa pagsali ^_^
kahit sino pede sis no need ng invitation hihihi thanks again c",)

go go gooo pinoy #steemians! best of luck!

sumali ka din dito @nantzjbalayo ah! sayang yang mga hugot lines mo hehehe

hahahaha.... kung kelan may paligsahan mukhang mawawalan ako ng pghuhugutan. but i ll do my best.. got 6 days pa po ano? heheheh.

Gora na at maki hugot na. Haha.

sis sali ka din dito :) mas marami mas masaya hihihi

Okay to hugutan na HAHAHA. ^_^

sali ka na @ishanvirtue baka may gusto ka ring hugutin hehehe ^_^ salamat sa pag-resteem :)

Sure ate lhyn. Medyo malalim nga Po tong huhugutin ko. Hahaha and welcome Po.

ahaha mas maganda yan! mala-balong hugutan hehe good luck! ^_^

Hi miss @lhyn sasali ako. Ito yong aking entry link. salamt

Salamat po sa pagsali ^_^

walang anuman po Miss @lhyn nahihiya nga ako.

Magandang araw, nahihiya man akong sumali kung di man dahil sa aking mga kaibigan ako ay hinde babanat sa hugot. Pero eto na ang aking ambag na hugot @lhyn
Maraming salamat po Binibining @lhyn.

Salamat po sa pagsali ^_^

magandang gabi po ito po ang aking abang lahok sa inyong pa contest, sana po ay ma consider na isa sa mga kalahok. Maraming salamat po :-)

Salamat po sa pagsali ^_^

Magandang araw kabayang @lhyn, ito ang aking entry. Maraming salamat.

Salamat po sa pagsali ^_^

Salamat po sa pagsali ^_^

Hello po, Ma'am @lhyn, eto po ang aking entry sa inyong patimpalak.

Salamat po sa pagsali ^_^

Salamat po sa pagsali ^_^

Salamat po sa pagsali ^_^

😁😁😂my entry...ahahaha isang entry lng b ang pwde???

salamat po sa pagsali ^_^
uu sis isa lang po hehehe

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