20 SEP(T)EMBERS | Where Astrology Dropped You Off | EAR THING "wor."me"covid"

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Hi @Steemit! Did you know that the U-in-curse/UNIVERSE is a NAZI GERM twist on DNA/AND RNA/RAN with a twist in the ginch...?

Human is a word that was prescribed to innoculate the sum into the awareness of the lowest common "de-nom-in-a-tor"-rent-E.D. "talk," by Al Gore to divert attention from what the true meaning of the "algorithm" is and why you're all "web locked" to a USB"port," and most likely tethered only loosely to an idea that is crumbling and eating itself, as the "nephilim" proof.


(#astrology and #tarot will "reel"Y-elp-you hear now...)

If you bought into "EARTH," you were adopted into this fallacy group to form a limb-eat'ween the SIM(youlateyeon) and the VIN(e)nergy of how a puncture on that explosive "read"-OT would animate on a wheel that was being spun on latency and sound decaying into forms that were dying on that very split of plasma resonance to ache pH7 of the blood pattern nucleotic function override.

This species is a latent retroactive form that constantly requires feedback of the "adepts"/Angels who've attempted to open source in the face of their grabs on "name" and hue" as the philosopher's/tone of pH8 as the levitation of 8Hz to satisfy the correlation of value nutrient data in the exchanges; leaving the host depleted, in favor of assisting the parasite "human"/nephilimB-formed.

The IOU-stone/HOU-ston3 has been turned on a Vollara Living Water diverter unit that I prefabricated in an unwound retrocognition of how I managed to loop C2019Q4/"Borisov" out of the prismatic window I engineered to silence my own 3rd eye pupa from the illuminated tree sector units I have partitioned with my fir sauna practices and psychometric pyrography with my spirit board(s)word.

12917979_1667172923548818_1048999083_n (2019_06_19 02_33_29 UTC).jpg

You're most likely reading these things terribly "late," seeing as my #GNOSIS team whose aggregate sum quotient of excellence and genius shattered the "10% club's" noton of "time." This means that we summed and "bee" came the "people from the future" while morons were being the heavyweight eaters that babbled off into the big win. Doh!

Pepa pig helped me with Playdoh to ear-ace watt the "book worm" "greenman" chop the body first people did with "PLATO" on bad homonyms and homophones to create the latent spin peepholes who will eat the tore-turn away. Did you hear these "last hear" Yz when I lovingly proof't that "ear thing" is a hidden landing pattern for the permaform sleeper cell.

Love you if you're MINE! (And if you're not, you're still MINE! Hydroneum is for you!🌵)

MINE are clothed in the PERMAFORM, thanks to MARVA and PIXIE'S INTENT for the "Shawl over INDIGO!" Known lettuce-charms.


Love, Light, & SHE-BANGS!

Dr. M, the Rev.♾⚕



#worlock #scrolllock



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