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Hlw, dear friends, it's me your @milansarmh. Today i want to share with you very important topic which all about our brain, have a look. I hope you guys like my work.


The brain is a very complex organised structure of tissues-biochemical device adopted to control the body by the means of electrical impulses. It is the most important organ of the human body. It control almost all the functions in the body.

The brain lies well protected in hard bony skill. There is a cushion of a clear liquid in between the skull and the brain matter. The brain has three main parts, according to the functions they perform. These parts are -

  • Cerebrum.
  • Cerebellum.
  • Medulla.

Attached to the medulla is the spinal card, which is in fact a prolongation or extension of the brain and hence spinal cord is also considered as the fourth part of the brain. Spinal cord lies protected inside the vertebral column or the back bone.

Thus the brain is more like a switchboard or a remote control. But how does the process of thinking happen? Who is the being that realizes that fact of its own existence and the existence of the surrounding world?

Who carries the information about my personal habits, inclinations abilities, character traits-in short everything that makes me a distinct, complete person. There is definitely no such matter, even the most highly organised that has these traits, as it is just matter and the matter does not have those traits, as it is just matter and the matter does not have those qualities. It can be only a conscious being - the soul.

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