This is a street beggar

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Hello steemian friends all over the world.


Here is the fate of the street beggars when I go to the big city then it is very much I see the children again begging on the highway I am very sorry to see them under the hot sun for me this world is still very cruel then I see the children beggars are to make money for daily meals then they are forced to pass this kind of worker then how his car to reduce the beggar street like this.

On this day I spend my time to turn around in this city I want to see the life of people in the city like what then after I see their life in a city like this then I am very sad when I see they have to beg to be able to eat and also a this mother again begging on the highway that her hot eyes this mother's day also brought a child also begged children so it is very cruel to live in a big city like this then they are forced to do things like this because they just by begging to be able to financing the daily needs, especially the needs of food

it is very difficult to get a job in the city of the capital is very cruel then in this case I will and my friend want to find a solution like where his way to be able to help this street beggar


by: @murhadi9


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