When a wild animal have kindness why not as humans?_My Heart is broken & My soul is weeping, weeping & weeping

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This video about a Wild Animal, she doesn't know anything about kindness but just kill & eat when hungry but stand an example for humanity

The below pics below represents Inhumanity, humans who gifted by God with powerful Mind, thinking, knows well about Good & bad. Knows everything but simply mad, crazy, foolish & Inhuman






Remember God not given right to any one or any community to kill other humans. Everybody & every soul on this earth have the right to live until the time comes to them to leave naturally

If observe your soul then no terrorism, no wounds to our sweet kids, no suffer to our next generation.

**** All we want is peaceful and happy world ******

Dear Steemains, what I need from you is just resteeming until it reaches them and until it stops them


Yesterday I helped a frog NOT cross the road..... to not go away from the lake.

So stop this negativity; your mind is stuck in glue because of it!

Did you mean the citizens of Syria done mistakes and that's what their fate changed?

wut?? no I am saying there is good in the world!

There will be thousands of planes take off from the Run way, if any one plane is crashed we will discuss about that only. We feel pain about the victims.

Yes there is also good in the World but we should think about the people who are in bad situation

That video is amazing with the lion protecting the calf.