ADVICE: Paying for Your Sins... After You're Dead...!!!

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Well, my friends... Here's another marvelous post to better educate the masses.

The day seems to be going well for me since I woke up. yet I wonder if the day would have been even better should I never had wakened at all...???

Heaven is supposed to be a paradise and if you know you're eventually going to be let in through the pearly gates- like Me, why worry about waking up and finding yourself dead in the morning?

Did you know that "You're going to have to pay for your sins..." after you die? That is... in order to get into Heaven. It says so in the Holy Book... Every bad thing that you do in life, gets recorded in God's database and then gets assigned a dollar amount to pay, once you're dead, in order to pass through the pearly-gate...

So, it's a good idea to build up your Crypto-currency accounts, because it's going to be the only way to pay your way into paradise after you croak!!!

You better remember your keys though; just in case they don't have them on file up there in Eden...

God doesn't accept money... only the Devil does. Ole Satan grants you little breaks from the fire, if you've paid him enough up front. He takes gold and silver too... but, you have to pay the price before you're dead, in order to get special treatment once you find yourself dearly departed and walking on a hot bed of coals.

THIS is the primary reason WHY, crypto-currency is of utmost IMPORTANCE...!!!

I'm planning to get a tattoo of my crypto keys, in case I can't remember them at Heaven's door... A lot of us get memory impairment in our old age - I'm not taking any chances!!! I just haven't figured out where to have those tattoos inked into my flesh.

Maybe I'll shave my head and have them needled in up there? Then I can keep them safe from prying eyes after my hair grows back. While I'm still bald... I'll scribble over the tattoo with with a felt pen, to guard theft of the keys.

I don't know...???

I'm probably worrying about this stuff too much? After all... if you mess up badly enough in life, I heard that Heaven nor Hell wants you anyway... You have to re-live another life, getting a chance to not be such a major screwup. Even the Devil hates competition!!!

I hope this information helps... Most people never heard about these facts and some have, but refuse to believe.

Till next time; I'm outta here.

Stay well and keep smiling.


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Just when things were starting to look up,....bang,...reality strikes, again!

I should just accept I am born to lose, get the tattoo, and a bad attitude.
But, this infernal optimist I'm trapped in won't let me!
(He said maybe on the tattoo.)

Just another day in the only utopia they let me have.

Yeah... so, what's going on over there at the bee-hive with the attacks on you? I don't understand 100%. Are you still getting support from the tribe?

It seems one of the hivewatchers deemed me canceled, and I took exception with that.
It will take some time to play out.
I hope to end with some apologies, but the guy is european,and I've met enough of them to know they rarely admit wrongs.
Community pushback would help, but I in the end, I really don't care.

They will bully me some more, or they won't.
Either way it doesn't change their dick move as an opening.
Were it me, I'd want to save face in the community, but nobody wants to do this guy's job, so he has impunity, it appears, at least for now.

Meh, just another day in an otherwise boring week.

And you?
You staying out of the cold?

Yeah, I'm staying inside a bit more these days... that's probably the reason you see more posts from me :>) or else I just 'totally' have taken leave of my senses...?!?!?!?

Posting is on the gradient scale of fame.

I'm feeling a longggggggggg..... (personal) disappearing act beginning to enter my mind these days, once again :>) I think I vanished for about four months from, hive last year at some point.

Daily content can drain a fella, for sure.
It's not like we can be unguarded here.

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