Another Excellent, Dumb & Disturbing Post by 'ME'

in #humor3 months ago

If I were any less vain, I'd probably laugh at myself every time I caught my reflection in the mirror.

As it stands now... I only laugh at myself once in awhile, but at least I LAUGH...!!! Or should I say, 'At least I still have the ability to laugh...?

More people should be able to laugh at themselves, rather than take themselves too seriously; especially those Social Media freaks who post selfies of themselves twenty or thirty times a day😣

Imagine having nothing more important in your life, than to snap a picture of yourself eating a Caesar Salad seated at a beachfront eatery somewhere in Rangoon...???

I'm tired of those Rangoon goons... Where the HELL is Rangoon at - anyway?!?!?!?

I JUST LOOKED IT UP: Rangoon, also known as Yangon, is in Myanmar, also known as Burma...

WHAT THE HELL kind of crap, is THAT...?!?!?!? Can't anyone who draws maps, decide on names for these places?

I'd bet that some of you people already knew where Rangoon was, but it ain't there anymore; it's in Myanmar... It used to be in Burma, but it's NOT anymore AND... it's NOT Rangoon anymore - either... It's Yangon.

You're not so smart after-all... sitting there with your Caesar Salad, not even knowing where the hell you are anymore. YOU'RE NOT IN BURMA, you idiot... snapping stupid selfies of your ugly mug!!!

Personally, I'd rather be in a place where I know where I am, with a Caesar Salad... especially if I'm taking pictures of it.

I don't know...

I think the worlds gone nuts...???

I'm gonna go look in the mirror now, so I can have a good laugh. Maybe I'll just take a selfie instead and laugh at THAT?

Maybe I should make a Caesar Salad first, to make myself laugh even harder😎

Just be thankful, my friend, that I'm NOT posting that picture of me here on Steemit tonight or with this envious, literary masterpiece, especially with me slobbering on a messy salad.

Keep smiling... or die from ugliness... It's your choice, my friends.


@AngryMan - Jan. 20, 2021

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