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Even though most of the earliest people I had the pleasure of interacting with on Steemit and that other place, have long since vanished from the scene... here 'I' am, still happily plugging along aimlessly 😕

It wasn't always this way. There actually was a time when my efforts stemmed from an anxious, anticipation of great accomplishment towards advancing peace and prosperity amongst fellow members...


These days, I'm more self-centered, greedy, conniving and generally following a path towards eternal, suffrage within the fiery depths of Hell.

Since I'm a card carrying member of good standing within the 'Illuminati', it's imperative that I admit my evil intent. They don't tell us why we are required to telegraph such activity, but... it's a rule.

If you fail to follow the rules of this secret society, consistently and are discovered in violation, YOU become the 'Main Course' at their next Spirit Cooking gathering...

This of course, follows a prolonged session of enslaved, sexual abuse at the hands of fellow members first. It's very similar to what went on at those old Steemit Meet-Ups and impromptu gatherings.

How they're going to effectively sexually abuse, then slaughter certain users through a Cyber Meet-Up, is a mystery to me, but I'm looking forward to participating...


That's about all I can think of to write for now, which is interesting enough, true and worthwhile reading.

I'd better go, before my eyes get too sleepy for comfortably checking my Feed and leaving up-votes for the few who may reciprocate on a regular basis...

See ya again, next time when I'm in the mood to grace you with exceptional content, my friends.



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