Today is Tuesday... Tomorrow Won't be...

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Since today is Tuesday, I'm fairly certain that yesterday was the day I forgot to put the trash out for pickup...


Not that too many of you guys are all that interested in such a personal failure of mine, but it's a decent way of beginning an article of which I have no topic in mind for😎

Unless, it isn't...???

I really did forget about trash day, though. Not that it matters much; I mean - no one is going to come along and scold me for it. At least, no one has scolded me for it since I was a kid, and that was one of my main jobs, as assigned by my parents.

They never beat me with a baseball bat for dereliction of duty, which is a good thing. That probably would have brought back more terrible memories, than I presently have. I don't know...

Maybe I would have liked being beaten with a damned bat. After all, some people do tend to have strange fetishes of various sorts. I wonder if it's always due to experiences while growing up? There's no doubt that sometimes it is...

I'm no expert on these kinds of things, but I do know quite a few adults who are messed up in the head from having had watermelons smashed over their skulls by Public School teachers during childhood in New York City.

Teachers were allowed to do things like that to us in those days; it was referred to as 'corporal punishment'. If you went home crying about it to your parents, they might smack you in the face with a hot iron!!!

So... you kept your mouth shut.

If this sounds like a lie, then you must have been born ten or fifteen years after me, or went to school in a little ole country town, somewhere in middle America, or another Country.

I've heard they didn't whack students on top of the head with produce, everywhere. Teachers certainly stopped doing that, even here in New York City after 1970 or so, with new laws instituted by Government.

That's about the time students started to carry guns and knives to school instead of books... It's true... At least, that's what I've heard from younger folk.


That's about all I have which comes to mind at the moment, so I'll leave you all with that to ponder.

Till next time, my friends... Keep smiling, even if you get hit in the head with a cantaloupe - it could always be worse...


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Feb 15, 1021

Didn't you paint the trash cans? :-)))))
To make it more pleasant to throw garbage in them :-)

I did, but it all fell off when a UFO landed on my roof.

I did, but it all
Fell off when a UFO
Landed on my roof.

                 - angryman

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