Don't mess with the girl drapped in lipstick

in #humor3 years ago

See that shoe? image

That's a VINCE CAMUTO. You probably have never heard of the label but surely, even you can agree that a shoe with such a strong name can not be a weakling.

It so happens my CAMUTOs got a little problem on the heel so I decided to take the pair for damage control before it gets worse.

To my agitating surprise, when I went to pick it, the heels had not only been fixed but the shoes had two fresh cuts on the side. Did I mention the shoe is a VINCE CAMUTO? Well, that's a VINCE CAMUTO. There is no freakn way it would just split that widely and I don't notice. More less if I was putting them on just today.

I look at their crisp white interior gaping at me and feel a rash of anger and resentment towards the old lame pitiful dirty guy I had let over charge me.

I kept quiet for a while, calming the rage inside.
'Ssebo, did I bring this shoe like this?" I look at him square in the face with deceiving calm in my voice.

One look at me and I saw exactly when it registered that had been outed.

"Segendereza nnyabo," he murmurs averting his eyes to the floor.

"Fix them," I say handing him one and then the other.

I refuse his attempt to put super glue asking him to use shoe glue and then knit them with thread.

He does all I ask for without a sound.

After double checking that the shoes are fine, I give him ugx2000. ugx 1000
short of what we had initially agreed on.

He murmurs a thanks I pretend not to hear as I stealthily walk away.

That's when I look at the shoes and notice for the first time the word written in bold gold. "VINCE CAMUTO"

Man, this guy was messing with my CAMUTOs!

He should have asked the conductor I made vomit my 100 before messing up the girl with lipstick.

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