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RE: LIFE IS WAY TOO SERIOUS..but we should really get rid of these idiots!..

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Glad to say I have always managed to laugh at myself and am known to always have a good laugh every day, well you know most days. Like most people I have a few tales to tell but I think you might have a laugh at this one. Way way back in 1988 when I was but a wee nipper of 20 I went on a summer visit to the USofA to work on a childrens camp. I am from the UK have blonde hair and was bright red because of the sun and dressed in shorts and a Union Jack T-shirt. The camp was miles from anywhere and the nearest town consisted of four shops and two dusty roads. One day I decided early one morning after breakfast to visit the corner shop. I walked down the drive which was some ten minutes. When I got to the bottom of the drive a Police car pulled up and the officer asked where I had come from. I thought it was pretty obvious but I pointed up to the camp and said "from the camp". He said did I know where the reception is? I nodded in a positive way and he asked if I could show him. Once again I thought strange but being a young man in a foreign land and had always wanted to be a in State Trooper's car I said yes and proceeded to enter the car. When I got in he slammed the car in gear, put the central locks on so I could not get out and drove at high speed up the drive. When we got to the reception everybody was staring at him and me as we arrived at speed. He got out of the car and left me in it and went and spoke to the main man of the camp. He turned round and approached the car, unlocked it and dragged me out by my T-shirt. He asked everyone there if I was the man. They said "No". I asked the police man what the description of the man was they were looking for? "A Hispanic" was his reply. "Twat" was my thought as I looked at him and just shook my head...


LOL I would have slapped him silly!