MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: Thanks Huobi-Global!

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Alright so I've been very nervous about hanging on to this much liquid Steem. Multiple accounts are counting on me to help them transition over and I felt like there would be a dump as soon and Bittrex and/or Binance opened back up again. I had over 8k liquid Steem in my account and I've been looking to dump it for two weeks now.


So I was taking a look at Huobi but they don't seem to take kindly to my IP address.


It was around this time that I figured it just wasn't worth it and I should wait. However, someone told me Huobi doesn't even have KYC procedures.


You're going to ban my IP address and then not even require KYC?


So I guess I live in Switzerland now!

Making a Huobi account was super easy. Only an email is required. I didn't even set up 2 factor authorization or anything because I don't plan on using it very often. It took me 50MB worth of bandwidth to sell my coins off in small chunks to the users I owe and to make sure my account wouldn't get frozen or anything. TunnelBear gives me 500MB a month so this free service (VPN) was more than enough to sidestep the IP block.

I was able to get 0.14 Bitcoin with my share of two powerdowns. I really wanted to keep the Bitcoin but after doing so many swaps to Hive my love of the network got the best of me.

14 million Satoshi later...


Even after just hitting Orca I power up another dolphin's worth of stake.
I think I might have an addiction :D

Honestly I should have pumped some more Ethereum into my bag, but whatever.
This is the only network I actually want to build value on, so let it ride!
Plus I feel like my money is safer here in a locked stake contract than on a hardware wallet I purchased from Hong Kong or a hot wallet in my browser.

The same obviously goes for exchanges.

We should all keep a little money everywhere for maximum decentralization.

Account recovery is key and mine is on the brink of swapping from worthless @steem to @v4vapid. Always nice to have a free "oh shit" button connected to your assets.

Go-go gadget Graphene!


Thanks Huobi!

Keep up the good work with that totally fake psych-out ban on American citizens!


Thanks for sharing the workaround!

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