How Socially Conscious Artists can Mint and Protect their Artworks on Hup Life

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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are crypto token types that are mostly used to buy and sell digital art.

The trend for NFTs started when it became obvious that the interests of artists of all kinds weren’t protected. For example, piracy, low service fees and no royalties are some of the challenges that artists have to battle with under the traditional system.

Therefore, the cryptocurrency community and experts in crypto asset classifications thought it wise to carve out a different crypto token format to help artists obtain the rewards that their work is worth. That crypto token is what we now know as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).


NFTs may be an ideal way for artists to be rewarded for their work, but the tokens are not providing all the values that the artists are looking for.

For example, most NFTs are still transmitted via the Internet, especially via the hyperlinks that are controlled by the ICAAN.

Second and most important, it is quite hard to protect some NFTs from piracy because the systems in place are limited in some scopes.

Hup Life is the name of the cryptocurrency project that wants to empower artists in many ways, such as allowing the artists to mint their work and publish or upload the same in the virtual world. Second, artists can use Hup Life to protect their work. That way, it will be hard for the uploaded digital art to be pirated.



There are several projects and platforms that promise to improve the fortunes of artists, as far as NFTs are concerned. With the proliferation of NFT-related platforms and projects, you want to sort through the noise and find the project that will get the work done.

One of the best projects to rely on as far as NFTs are concerned is Hup Life. Here are some of the reasons why you want to use the Hup Life platform to mint, upload and trade your NFTs:

    One of the unique attributes of this project is that it is registered with the appropriate authorities. This is because the Hup Life project wants to do all it can to ensure that NFTs are not pirated – and that artists are rewarded for their work.

Hup Life is registered as a corporation under the Federal Canadian Law. The platform also understands the modulations for International Law of Copyright and Securities. Thus, you can rest assured that Hup Life is versed in most of the matters relating to the protection of intellectual properties and others forms of work, including digital art.

    The cryptocurrency ecosystem is not entirely free of scams. Some projects would claim to be fighting for the interests of the artists, when in retrospect, those projects where looking for a way to swindle the artists.

That is why Hup Life came up with a brilliant idea of incorporating a Whale-Dumping mechanism. This mechanism is there to alert you when a whale or a major investor in NFTs is about to sell his NFTs.

That way, you will be the first to know when dumps are set to come so you will be better prepared to either you’re your NFTs or bag some more.

    A bulk of all that the Hup Life project will do is based on the decisions of the community. That is because of the unique governance model that allows the holders of the Hup Life token ($HUP) to contribute to decision-making processes in the Hup Life ecosystem.

Minting and trading NFTs couldn’t have been any better than Hup Life made it to be. As an artist, this is your opportunity to showcase your work to a broader audience that will b willing to buy your digital art for what it is worth.


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