Cheapo germination grow lights

in #hydroponics2 years ago

The seedlings I've started last week are reaaaaaally leggy. Some of them might even be too leggy to be viable but we shall see. Wanted to do something about it and did not want to spend anything, nor repurpose a reading lamp.

I had some LED strips lying about so they won the job.

I thought about cutting them to size and soldering them in neat lines but I did not have any suitable wire to connect them with and sometimes even Amazon prime isn't fast enough, so I've used tried and tested NASA technology and went for duct tape.

Quick and dirty fix and here we are.

I dunno if those really leggy ones will be good for anything but at least the next ones should be fine.



Nice job. I have been told that many professionals are now using cheap colored LED party lights for growing seedlings. Much cheaper than commercial grow light fixtures.

These LED strips are pretty good, theyre the 5050's, really easy to work with. I was using them to grow microgreens a couple of years ago without any issues.

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