Greenhouse setup changes

in #hydroponics2 years ago

With the warmest February in history around here I felt like I need to get my (green)house in order so I got it ready for the new season.

I've decided to get rid of all the Dutch buckets and swap over to rockwool slabs. I did not have any issues with the dutch buckets, they were actually working great. The problem was with the amount of time it takes to clean the clay pebbles or disposing of them if buying new ones.

I've found a good supplier of rockwool slabs around here so I will be giving these a go this year.


They fit pretty well on the old supports and their drainage holes are the same size my tubing was so it was really easy to connect them to my existing drainage system. I still need to play around a bit and get them level as they're a bit on a side atm.

With the tube system I've decided to give the plants a bit more space.

I've added my leftover tubes between each levels so the plants should have a lot more space to grow into.

And the first seeds have been planted. These are for the tube system, a bunch of lettuce, cress, rocket, parsley, oregano and basil. By the time they need transplanting I should have everything plumbed in and ready to go. In the next few days I will also start my toms/peppers/cucs.


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