Would you take hydroxychloroquine? 🤔

It's funny how the media and all the Trump haters go on a vendetta against it.

Whether it actually has much or any preventative qualities is one thing. You might drink an extra glass of water or eat an orange, even if you don't think it makes really any practical difference. Whether there's a downside is all that matters.

Maybe it's dangerous? 🤔 But Trump is taking it under the supervision of the White House doctor after all. I doubt it could be that terrible.

Or if you think it is, part of the vendetta here should be that the doc is awful and isn't suited to care for the President.

What seems certain to me is that the motivation is compromised. Seems kind of obviously small potatoes either way.

Meaning like: If I could snap my fingers and make hydroxy never be used, it wouldn't have much weight or value in either direction in the fight against covid.

So the degree of chatter and concern seems not commensurate at all with what we're actually talking about. The "zomggg, can you believe he's taking hydroxychloroquine, wow this is awful, we need to shine light on this" thing only makes sense if you're using it as an apparatus to try to hate on Trump.

It isn't actually much of a topic or important for people to understand or anything.


It's always a projection.

Almost always.

I bet a lot of the people who are like "hydroxy so dangerous!!!" would anxiously be the first to take the vaccine, lol.

Which isn't even to say that doing so would be the wrong choice. (Someone has to be first.) If you're older, pre-existing, work among the public etc., maybe you should take it as soon as possible.

But the fact is, a brand new vaccine (carefully calculated immunity potion for an infection that, itself, is new to us -- while there's a huge appetite and race to create it) probably has much bigger window of downside than a kind of boring medicine that's been around for decades.

And people who are younger and healthier and stay home a lot probably shouldn't be in too much of a rush to use it. Or at least, should consider the trade offs and be really certain we know how it works before doing so.

So we'll see if the libtard media shows us much scrutiny and worry about the vaccines 😆😆😆



There's no Money in Cures... We will see the Fake News doing whatever it takes to down-play anything that has anything to do with Cures... I've been using the Simple Version of the Cure for a Few Years Now... Most of the Rich and Famous are using it...
May 21, 2020... 17.0 Hollywood Time...

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