FED printing to 0

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FED cut interests to 0%, hopefully bringing hyperinflation

FED, the central-bank in America, has lowered the interest to 0. This happens supposedly in an attempt to fuel the stock and other markets. The stock market react with further decline in prices.

My hope is that FED and other central-banks will print faster and drive the world economy into hyperinflation. This will give people a reason to start to use sound money, as crypto currency and precious metals.

I came up with the idea and name for a new crypto currency and social media called LASSECASH, which you may be reading this article on. LASSECASH is a good example of a currency that is sound money. There is limited supply (Maximum 51 million ever), its fungible tokens and it is traded on a DEX with no fee (Steem Engine has 1% fee on deposits and withdraws, but no fee while trading Steem for LASSECASH), it is instant transactions, 0 transactions fee and you can earn more LASSECASH on the attached social media.

If or when the world goes into hyperinflation, then people that use crypto currencies are already prepared and will prosper. The transition from a statist to an anarcho capitalistic society will be brutal and chaotic, but I believe we are getting closer by the day.

Make sure you load up on LASSECASH now that the prices are so cheap.

/Lasse Ehlers


Cryptos are unfortunately going down with the stock markets. So they could go much lower until people realise they are a better form of money.
How did you form the social media LASSECASH did you code it as SMTs are not out yet?

Thanks for your comment.

I advocate for 3 cryptos; Steem, HEX and LASSECASH. HEX is up more then 60% since the Corona outbreak, Steem took a hit and LASSECASH is cheap/stabile.

LASSECASH is created with 51 million tokens maximum, 20 million for rewards the first 10 years, 20 million for rewards after 10 years and 11 million for me and promotion.

Its programmed by the Steem Engine Team and @zaxan made the graphics. Its only my idea, name and face.

I agree that cryptos in general will go down at first, but when the money printing happens, then cryptos will go up and there are "dark horses" like HEX !!!

I really hope the fiat money system breaks down finally this time around.

Oh ya I forget to mention, all you need to do is to add the tag 'lassecash' to a steem post and then you can get rewarded for that post in both steem and lassecash.

Let the money printing continue, its not only the FED, the ECB and the PBOC are also letting loose the money printing machine. May the odds continue to be in cryptos favour

Sure the whole worlds central-banks follow suit to the American central-bank. Cryptos will go up over time, I advocate buying HEX, STEEM and LASSECASH.

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