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First of all I would like to thank @rishabh99946 for organizing such a beautiful contest. I was looking for a contest like this on steem. It's great to join this contest.

I am posting from #Bangladesh.
My pet bird is named is pigeon. At first I didn't want to pet birds. But suddenly one day a pigeon came flying to my house. I started keeping that pigeon in a cage.

pigeon house


The pigeon came on September 5, 2019. Then I bought another pigeon from the shop for that pigeon. In this way, buying one or two pigeons became many pigeons. Now I have about 10-15 pairs of pigeons. There are many types of pigeons in our country.




I have about 6-7 types of pigeons.
The names of the pigeons are Giribaj, King, Sating, Laksha, Bombay. These are priced as varieties. Some pigeons are much bigger in size and some pigeons are smaller.


These pigeons give birth five to six times a year. These children can be sold and their food can be bought.




One pigeon shows one kind of game. As the mountain pigeon flew in the sky, it tumbled. Again, some pigeons fly into the clouds. Some pigeons show the game in hand. Some pigeons have much higher flying ability.

giribaz pigeon



I collected pigeons from different places. Sometimes I bought from the market and sometimes from someone's house. Many times I went to the market and bought. I bought pigeons from where I felt better.

Fast or slow

There are some pigeons very fast. They can fly to show the game and can go from one place to another very fast. Again some pigeons have much slower speeds. They do not fly. Walking slowly from one place to another.


They usually like to eat wheat, mustard, broken corn, grit, gram etc. Their special food is wheat. They do not have to give too much food. If you give it two or three times a day.
When they call, they come to me. Sometimes scared again. And after a while it will come to me completely.

pigeon with baby



I have many beautiful memories of keeping pigeons. I don't know which one to leave and which one to say. In fact, every day spent with them is a beautiful moment for me. Even after that, one moment I remember very well was the day the pigeons responded to my call. This day will be very memorable for me..

me with my lovely pigeon


I have been working the steem for about 50 days. Contests inspire me to stay on the steem .
I would like to thank @steemcurator01 @steemitblog for electing amazing CRs like @sapwood @rishabh99946 who are giving their everything to keep users engaged on this platform.

All pictures taken today. I took pictures and started writing posts.

This post has been set 100% power up.

Thank you all


আপনার পোষা কবুতরটি কোন জাতের কবুতর? এইটা কি লোটন নাকি? পোস্টের লিংক রিসাব এর পোস্টেে দিয়েন৷

এইগুলা অনেক জাতের আছে।গিরিবাজ,সার্টিন,কিং, বোম্বাই।

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