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Hi steemians,
I am @rasel72. From #bangladesh.

How are you all? I hope you are well by the grace of God. I am well too. I am going to participate in a competition today. Where I have to highlight all the issues of my pet. I am very happy to participate in such a beautiful competition. Before I start, I would like to thank @rishabh99946 for organizing such a beautiful competition.

Let's hear about my two pets.

There are four to five types of animals kept in our house. Among them, I will tell you about two of my favorite pets. Poultry, chickens, cows, goats and pigeons are kept in our house.
I will talk about my two favorite pets, ducks and goats. First of all, let's talk about ducks.

I have loved petting pets since I was a child. I am studying for a Diploma in Engineering. I am coming home because of this corona epidemic. When I came home I bought four ducks for rearing. I like ducks very much.

The name of the duck

Different types of ducks are available. Such as: Raj duck, Pati duck, Khaki Campbell duck etc. My duck's name is Khaki Campbell Duck. I bought the ducks when I was two months old.

Duck egg production

Ducks can lay eggs for six months at a time. If you start laying eggs now, you can lay eggs for six months. These eggs can be sold to buy duck food. Each egg is sold at ten rupees.

Duck food


There are no hard and fast rules for duck food. They eat fish and snails from the water. At home they are fed rice, rice and rice husks. We give the rest of our food to the ducks. So we don't have to buy more food.



The joy of the mind in the water of the duck
By playing. They take a bath in the water and swim. They eat snails by dipping their mouths. They also play various games.

Fast or slow

Ducks do not usually move, they move normally. However, they can run very loud. When someone does them, they go very loudly in different directions.

Duck breeding

Ducks do not usually give birth to survival on their own. They only lay eggs. Survival is produced artificially from these eggs.

About my duck with me


My ducks are very similar to me. When I call them, they go to me. They go to their house alone.
I spend all day happily with my pets.

Let's find out now from my second favorite pet.

I live in a village so I don't have any problem keeping all the animals. I first bought a goat with my savings. Since then there are more goats.

Goat breed

Different types of goats are available in our country, such as Ramchagal, Desi, Bidesi, Blackberry etc. My sister's name is Blackberry.

Goat color

Goats come in different colors, such as black, white, red, brown, etc. The color of our goats is black.

Goat food


Goats usually have wheat bran, bark, young leaves of different trees, young grass etc. The village goats grow mostly by eating the young leaves of the trees and the fresh green grass.

Goat breeding system

Goats give birth twice a year. At the same time they give birth to two to three survivors. At some point three are saved. It takes five months for them to give birth.
There is a lot of money to be made by selling goats.

Me and my goat



The goats are good to jump on the bus. They wander here and there. They do not stay in any place for a long time.

Fast or slow

Goats usually move slowly. They do not like to go too far.

My memories with my pets

I will never forget the days I spent with my pets. They are like my friends to me. They are my playmates.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my pet.

Something about myself

My name is Md. Rasel Ahmed. I live in Char-Agrakunda village of Kumarkhali police station in Kushtia district of Khulna division of Bangladesh. My father is a poor van driver. I entered here on August 10 to work. The name of my ID @rasel72.

Thanks a lot to everyone for reading my post.

Good bye. See you again.

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