Bummed a bit :/ Icash what to do? And an update.

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Hi There,

News for my challenge, good and bad news. First the good news: ARK a coin I have quite some off relative to other made a nice jump from around 0.0002 up to 0.00035 btc. As you can see in my overview now up to 380%. This is needed as you can see since a lot of coins are below 100%.


However I am still bummed since there are also some coins missing. Halloween coin for some reason (I am not that worried about that) but also Icash. As you can see I own a lot of different coins so keeping track of them all (slack, bitcointalk etc.) is quite a job. I missed a coinswap of Icash to PURA just by a few days. As you can see I had 60000 Icash coins and now they are gone? I don't know what to do, I have had my Icash since I found in April and loved the name and idea and got in to it because I thought it would be booming. I contacted the devs via the site learning from bitcointalk that latecomers will still be helped with an individual swap, but after a day of 4 no reply.. If anyone knows who to talk to or what to do let me know, or i a dev will see this post and contact me, I really would like to swap and continue my challenge with the coins I started with!

Thanks for your time!



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