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The INSCoin for KNOX trip to Lugano and the latest updates on our ICO.

Hi Guys,
The two days spent in Lugano, Switzerland, for the ICOrace conference were very rich in experiences and work.


🌍 ICORACE, the ico competition with the highest price ever. 🌍

During the convention we were present on the field with a part of the INSCoin for Knox team and we presented our project to the jury during the semifinals and they were really satisfied.
We have a strong partnership with another ICO bitnautic.io , which aims to become one of the world’s leading ship freighters, and needs fast, reliable and affordable insurance, needless to say, the insurances that INSCoin for Knox will offer immediately seemed the ideal solution.


🌍 The young part of the team!! 🌍

To let you understand what turnover you are talking about, the company that organized the ICO of bitnautic has a platform that currently operates 1000 ships and carry on average 800 containers each. The cost of the policy per container is around $120 per trip, of which 20% must be paid in INSCoin. do your calculations, gentlemen.
Precisely following this news, we were contacted by many Swiss investment funds and private investors who want to buy some important figures in PREICO, which we remember will start at the end of June.


We have therefore decided that in the next days we will open a WHITELIST, which will allow in the first 3 days of the PREICO to have a maximum guaranteed investment of 10 ETH per person. After that the preico will continue normally until it reaches 7500ETH.


Awesome project! Keep it up.

Woohoo! Too Cool!

Wow! I really think that INSCoin is a great system , thank you very much!

Cant wait to see what you're going to do!

Excelent post

Great job guys!

interesting project

Good project

Great project.

Best wishes

perfect project i like it

Nice project

Woohoo! Too Cool!

good project !

Interesting, definitely will have to further investigate it more .

Are you guys participating in the ICO Race?
If you are, I wish best of luck

A good and promising project that deserves investors ' attention! Good luck to you. I think you will certainly appreciate it, because your project is really relevant in our time.

Good project

Nice project... I anticipate the grand opening

Perfect information

This is an amazing project with good innovative solutions

Excellent and much helpful article

Great project. Kudos to the brains behind this.....

Good project

Very exciting project, i am going in

Seeing insurance working with Blockchain platform is great and that is what Inscoin is doing.

Looking forward to this!

Hi! It looks like you have some great partnerships already.... Something that's missing to a lot of emerging projects! Great partnerships = huge market to begin with, especially in that sphere. Overall this project looks quite promising, so good luck with it!

The project deserves to be followed so keep in touch...

Very solid achievements, the right people of a large scale in the team to solve serious problems provide the right level, covering the market in the right field.

Nice Awesome project!

This is a great project. Looking forward to it

One of the best project

Nice project. Good marketing and comunity care. I think so it will be successful!

Very interesting project, and team behind this project.
To the moon...

It is nice to have you guys here. How about you open an account with inscoin as username?

cảm thấy hưng phấn

хорошая статья

A good and promising project that deserves investors ' attention! Good luck to you. I think you will certainly appreciate it, because your project is really relevant in our time.

Nice project

I work in import/export, very interesting!

Great Project

Look forward this project !

Nice project

Sure success in th blockchain.

This is great

good project.

Good project, I will follow you

good project


I think it is perspective solution to the problem of certification and anti-forgery of insurance policies.

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