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BIDIUM product is a productive result of productivity and the idea, which is based on the system that opens up opportunities to conduct business projects with minimal investment capital. Bidium product is the only solution for ecosystem generation and its subsystems, as the command of the platform dreams to fully realize the economic potential of the product, which can be exchanged by potential Bidium ecosystem participants.

Cryptocurrency Exchange, is dedicated to the auction and hiring through the empowerment of participants and employers.

The decentralized project, which has beneficial value for potential investors or investors, is one of the projects that will grow rapidly as the fluctuation in the exchange of digital assets increased significantly earlier this year. The definition of this network uses a completely unique theme from other platform platforms around the world, has an equilibrium value and an investment process that has a profit value exceeding the capital required for modern digital asset trading. BIDIUM is a blockchain platform that introduces a unique creative idea for the first time in the symbolic market of the economic economy that can start trading in person and on the digital asset exchange platform.

The value of BIDIUM platform is to save time of each market participant (buyer and seller). To determine the cost of the product/service is given 24 hours. This innovation will allow to secure warranty obligations to potential customers, and sellers will be sure that their products fall into the hands of authorized users of Bidium ecosystem.

BIDIUM is one of the results of the blockchain industry development that have experienced good performance and excellent ideas based on a system that directly opens up opportunities for investors to be more open with symbolic investments. Being one of the first generated platform platforms the company wants to implement and help investors be more concerned about economic weakness, which many suffer in the world in the concept of mutual aid as an investment that can be exchanged by registered users in this block chain. Some important points of the BIDIUM platform This will be the moment when most registered investors or potential investors who will start their business on this platform will be in business.

Respond to terms and conditions on the BIDIUM platform it is a source of income that will provide a balanced value of a mutually beneficial ecosystem between buyers and sellers. In this case, if the investor is an economic concept that has an average probability of exceeding the return of investment capital, symbolic sales will be more common by investors who want to make a profit on this platform. The opportunity to contact one of the following projects is a huge effort in the legal and safe project of the tobacco trade, and tokens in the industry pulp and paper industry, to start working and to implement a balanced system of analysis in one of your own tactics and ideas sent by many investors. BIDIUM is a decentralized blockchain platform that aims to create investments that affect the positive side of Fund management to be invested in this platform; in other words, this platform is a place for investors around the world.

With embedded technological functions Frilancing proposed ecosystem BIDIUM. Freelancers and employers from all over the world can use BIDM in-system tokens for bidding, freelancing and system. At the same time, reviews form the rating of each participant and can be viewed in the history. In other words, the market structure offered by us from technical equipment provides a unique opportunity for investors to get the market location without direct contact with it.

BIDIUM ecosystem technology offers favorable and effective conditions for exchange transactions and professional staff of the system, interactive interface for the most profitable revenue of 50%.

Airdrop and ICO BIDIUM

300 free BIDM tokens you will receive for signing up!


Activate your BIDIUM account

The main sale of intra-tokens will come in the period from 23.03.2018 and will end on 10.04.2018 local time. BIDM tokens can be purchased in ETH and BTC currencies. For those who want to get the coveted BIDM tokens, the project command provides an early sales period, which ended on 24.04.2018.

BIDIUM is presented early in the year in a commercial encryption company that has certain characteristics, with many and high current commercial crypto markets that dominate the market. BIDIUM company Become one of the great companies that have great success in the future. Trading in the world of cryptocurrency has never eluded the rise and fall of fluctuations in its currency value and currency exchange, it is something natural for commercial crypto companies, moreover, the company does not have a creative idea that could Certainly, the system will not invest, it is a disaster that can be fatal with the destruction of the company. Decentralized investment funds in a block platform for investors around the world is an effective philosophy offered by this platform. With the vision and mission of the concept of mutual benefit between the project owner and the token owner. With so many markets in the crypto-science world this year, competitors of many companies that trade or commercialize must have more unique characteristics and creativity, this could be one of the achievements that the commercial crypto community can achieve..

BIDIUM system offers profitable exchange solutions on an external resource, which is supported by an intuitive interface to create an admiring effect of participants. It is worth noting that the proceeds will be distributed among users and stored on the Bidium wallet. To become a user of Bidium ecosystem, you need to take part in the ICO sale, purchase the cherished tokens, which will serve as a kind of pass ticket to the future technologies!


TOKENS Summary

Token Name: Bidium Ticker:

Total Supply BIDM: 1,000,000,000 BIDM

ICO Starting Date: May 25 12pm IST

ICO End Date: June 23 12:00 PM IST

Token Price (Crowdsale): 0.02 USD

Accepted Currency: BTC and ETH

Minimum Purchase of Limi: t 50 USD

Maximum Purchase Price: 10000 USD

ICO Softcap: 3 Million USD

ICO Hardcap: 10 Million USD

Smart contract:  0xF66C41Cd98a03BBCE39A720ee4400684CbA1B6CE








 ETH wallet  0x34c25776ae6e8E091883d7e4B4C1e179A17ab39a