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 These are cybercriminals who access your computer over the Internet for illegal purposes, which can engage in any of the following activities: vandalism, hacktivism, theft, theft, identity theft and terrorism. Hackers like to compromise computer security without permission. 

CTI helps an organization protect itself from the type of attack that can cause them the most damage. Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is what information about cyber threat becomes after it has been collected, evaluated in the context of its source and reliability, and analyzed through rigorous and structured tradecraft methods by those who have substantial experience and access to all the source information. 

ABOUT BITFENCE is a modern solution for cyber security that will be required to keep the identity of the hackers and send them information to the General user community through a decentralized blockchain network.

In bitfence, community members have access to the daily Mine hacker activity via the HONEYNET nodes. The bitfence honeypots system captures and analyzes the signatures of hackers using well-built artificial intelligence software, immediately hackers get into the system.

 BitFence offers a solution to the problem of" hacking "or better known as"Hacker".BitFence may reject, detect, and perform hacking attempts. BitFence provides revenue to companies, not hackers.BitFence can provide protection from attacks "zero day". This type of attack is that the hacker uses an unknown exploit. This kind of attack can be very difficult to detect traditionally. Once the hack is detected, you can apply fixes or corrections, but it takes several months to find it.

In addition to protecting against zero-day attacks, BitFence will provide incentives to people who work with BitFence lures. Honeypot is designed to attract hackers. Then, when hackers are on the honeypot, BitFence can collect and analyze information about each hacker using sophisticated software for artificial intelligence. focus on a security solution to take and deploy a permanent defensive approach / solution to help another network from similar cyber attacks, and dramatically minimize the speed with which cyber threats occur daily.

 The information in the Whitepaper argues that the project BitFence is United for the world security system against hacking threats. It is several times superior to its competitors. How is it that the new project is much better than the world leaders in the protection of network space? Because, in addition to active protection from the zero-day vulnerability, the platform offers its users special "bait" that will attract hackers. When a cyber-bandit gets caught on the bait, the system conducts a quick research and analysis of the hacker with the help of unique SOFTWARE, which is based on AI. 

In the next step, the platform sends the received information to all its users for immediate protection. As an example, a company with Australia, who have entrusted their safety BitFence, carries a powerful attack hackers. In a fraction of a second, the system will analyze the threat and send information to all its customers. So, in just one moment, all companies will be protected from the sample of such attacks. 


Small business (e-Commerce store): in the case of an e-Commerce store, in which the store owns an e-Commerce business that is hosted on the cloud, which is constantly visited by intruders through various methods such as PHP exploitation that compromise users of personal information, financial data and intellectual property. Battens.IO protects the system by integrating a complete protection solution at a nominal cost, which fights against malicious payloads, high-risk hosts and high-risk IP addresses automatically once the threat has been identified by mining sensors. It is immediately sent to the live feed threat to inform and protect users from such threat.


The system provides the tools necessary to detect and protect against the rapid growth of cyberattacks before any harm will penetrate the network, constantly protecting the network. 

In the ecosystem, the system provides an incentive to users using bitfence software or hardware in Mining. Miners automatically detect and report suspicious cyber threats using a distributed sensor network, also known as DISTRIBUTED HONEYNET. The malicious data collected by the miners are then analyzed according to the risk factor by artificial intelligence in real time. Immediately, the data collected by the miners about the hackers are processed and identified, the result is sent to the live feed threat to inform and protect subscribers from such a threat.


1. It provides an interactive dashboard and allows users to create custom reports.

2. It gets information about threats from miners as well as access threat signatures.

3. It detects, protects and responds to cyber threats with full effect.

4. It updates the information about the threats signed by members in other to prevent users from such threats.

How to earn tokens 

Tokens can be earned in two ways: using an application or special microcomputers. The system creates a micro-environment that attracts and" catches " hackers. The attack leaves traces that the AI processes and passes on to the system.

 After the whole process, miners receive a reward in the form of tokens. By the way, they can be changed to popular crypts.

For its users, the company has prepared two ways of interaction: a protective system against hacker attacks and mining. 


The project team is a team of highly qualified specialists with experience in the field of cybersecurity. The founders of the project are Abdul Khan (expert on cybersecurity), William Mason (technologist, inventor, PhD), Vlad Tereshkov (technologist, inventor). The team also includes cyber security advisors, consultants, experts in the field of administration and marketing.

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