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Hello friends , today we discuss about new altcoin AMO.

AMO is blockchain project to create and operate the AMO Market, a market where car data can be shared and exchanged. Placing control back into the hands of data producers, AMO allows users to turn them into public assets that help create better products, services and experiences. Market participants are all users related to automobiles be it automobile users, automobile manufacturers, or automotive service providers.

 All data from the vehicle's first registration to the final scrapping of the car can be shared in exchange for coins. Mobility services can be tailored to taste with insights into users' driving habits and infotainment preferences, making the car a seamless extension of one's lifestyle — if users choose it to be. 

As AMO Market is built on the AMO Blockchain to be a technology-based economic system, it supports equal participation and trading of participants involved, using AMO Coin as means of payment. Network effects guarantee the continuous generation of value from data on the AMO blockchain. As the number of participants grows, a virtuous cycle is set in motion for enhanced products and services, efficient troubleshooting and optimized car journeys.

AutoCrypt®, a security solution for connected cars, autonomous vehicles, and smart cars, launched in 2015; however, work developing the solution began in 2007 as an on-demand security solution for auto part and car manufacturers. With major partnerships as well as continuous progress into ITS projects nationwide, AutoCrypt® brings tried and true solutions to the table. As part of AMO Market, AutoCrypt® will continue to provide comprehensive security technology to create more convenient and secure cars.

  1. Security between Vehicle and Diagnostic Device
  2. Security between Vehicle and Nomadic (mobile) Device
  3. Security for Patrol Car Fleet Management
  4. V2X Security over DSRC (WAVE)
  5. Mobile Telematics Security (consulting) VDMS (Vehicle Data Monitoring System) Security
  6. Security for C-ITS Testbed (Daejon-Sejong)
  7. Security for Electric Vehicle Charging System Enhancement to C-ITS Testbed (Daejon-Sejong) Security for C-ARS Testbed (Yeoju) Security for K-City (Hwaseong)
  8. Scheduled Highway C-ITS Deployments (2018~2020, in planning)

How It Works?

AMO Market consists of AMO Blockchain and AMO Platform which supports it. Participants have both data giving and consuming roles, and the car data produced while using the car can be traded in to be processed. The value of the data is determined by the supply and demand within AMO Platform and is paid out with AMO coin.


What the differents ?

All Types of Data
Data comes in many forms, but currently, systematic collection and management of data in cars can be extremely limited. Other ICOs may purport to collect data, when they are able to collect only specific types. AMO is able to collect V2X, In-Car Data, and User Data from three different layers, allowing for comprehensive data collection to provide a unified data collection system. Data will consist not only of what is generated by drivers and other car users, but also secondary output (Processed Car Data) from those who provide any kind of services within the auto industry.

V2X Data

  • Traffic information
  • Communication information
  • Location information

In-Car Data

  • Vehicle maintenance information
  • Charging information
  • Battery information
  • Sensor detection information

User Data

  • Data usage
  • Application location information
  • Billing information


Cars are an inextricable part of our lives, and as such particular care must be given to both internally and externally generated car data as they contain highly sensitive information. AMO takes care of this by utilizing the AMO Wallet to encrypt sensitive information and issuing encryption keys through AuthentiCA. The data consumer is able to decrypt the data only after acquiring permission from the data producer, and the authorization process between these entities is end-to-end encrypted—meaning the AMO Platform cannot decrypt or access any of the communication.Over all Project is quite interesting and they have a very good team built up


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