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A huge number of companies around the world are now actively conducting various promotions and refeal programs that allow them to increase the number of potential customers. At the referral program opens up many opportunities for all areas of business. However, it is extremely difficult to launch and conduct a successful referral program in modern conditions. 

There are several reasons for this: 

  • you need to develop your own business plan; 
  • think about how to make a payment; 
  • maintain user reports; 
  • make a database with users and their referrals and more.

 Of course, the referral program is quite profitable. However, it should be clearly understood that it can be extremely difficult for small companies to organize it. 

Let me give you a simple example: does it make sense for a small company to spend so much money and resources just to improve its position in the market? Of course, no, it is much easier to use an innovative platform Inbot, which opens up unique opportunities for all participants. 

What is Inbot 

Inbot is an innovative platform that will allow small and large businesses to conduct referral programs to attract customers without any problems. Inbot provides companies to use time-tested techniques that will yield result. 

Note! To use the platform Inbot will simply. You will need to contact consultants who will help to implement Inbot in any activity. It looks like this:  

a small company wants to increase the number of customers; 

she turns into a platform Inbot and get the working algorithms for the creation of the referral program; 

next, reports and all necessary checks will be conducted; 

after the end of the program, all participants will receive tokens for their work, which can be easily exchanged for real money. 

And the most important feature of The inbot platform is the introduction of blockchain technology. That is, all data will be protected from hacking and it will be impossible to make any changes. This is extremely important for modern business. 

How the platform works 

The Inbot platform has developed a special token called InToken, which will become the main payment tool for the entire system. The project offers a lot of convenient tools that will help each company to effortlessly carry out an advertising campaign and attract new customers. 

It should be understood that there is also an opportunity to receive dividends and token holders. After all, their value will constantly increase, which is extremely important for investors. Accordingly, people will be able to earn an InToken token by performing simple actions that will be well paid.  

Why Inbot is doomed to success

 The main advantage of the platform is that it provides innovative opportunities for small and large businesses. It is much easier to use existing functions of The inbot platform than to create and develop your own. 

I can highlight a few more important advantages of this platform: 

Inbot is built on blockchain technology, which makes it open, but at the same time protected and truly safe. 

The platform offers ready-made features and algorithms. 

All aspects are thought out. 

All token holders will be awarded divedends. It will increase interest among ordinary users. 

Own token was developed. It can be easily exchanged or sold if necessary. 

Technical parameters 

Name of token: InToken

Platform: Ethereum

The token is built according to the standard: ERC20

Released: 13,000,000,000 InToken

Price: 1 InToken = 0,01 EUR

You can pay: ETH Soft cap: 3,000,000 EUR

Hard cap: 38,000,000 EUR 


And most importantly-the company Inbot received praise from well-known experts. This is what makes the project quite interesting for many investors. 


Inbot is an innovative platform that brings a new idea to the business, which will allow to get new customers and increase revenue. In addition, an important criterion is good grades. And the main thing-the company is German, and what they do have long been known, that is, all projects are successful and thought out to the smallest detail. 

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