QURREX - ICO review

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The information that will be disclosed in this article is devoted to the new project Qurrex, which is directly related to the crypto currency exchange.

About the project

Progressive specialists in the field of IT technologies have long sought to optimize crypto-currency exchanges on the stock exchanges of the corresponding profile, as a result of which the Qurrex project appeared.

In fact, the service is a multifunctional hybrid prototype of a crypto currency exchange, working on a platform with a decentralized Protocol of the block, where the link of exchange acts as a centralized one. This approach allowed to develop a new generation platform and, of course, aroused the interest of professionals in the field of trade due to the growth of market liquidity and the formation of new market quality standards. Project developers are confident that by 2020 their offspring will squeeze out of the market most of the trading platforms.

Part of a multifunctional system is part of:

a centralized basis node comparable in efficiency to traditional exchanges and superior to their client-side package of functional tools;

blockchain technology completely eliminates the risks of safe storage of useful information and provides the ecosystem participant with aggregate liquidity from all network nodes, including a centralized platform.

Developers have repeatedly stated the uniqueness of the system.

How is this manifested?

The innovative nature of the service is manifested, first of all, in the functionality of the platform, which will meet the most different requirements of users. The platform's activities will be available to a huge target audience, which indicates a high level of transparency of the project.

The obvious advantages of the system include maximum performance (tens of thousands of transactions per second) and security. It is also necessary to highlight the availability of payment gateways for a variety of transactions.

The purpose of the platform is to optimize the exchange trading.

Participants of the ecosystem will be able to confidently make transactions of purchase / sale with a minimum level of risk.

Vnutriplevralnoe unit calculation

THE main calculation unit used in internal calculations is the qrx token.

Advanced interface, provides the site in different languages. Technical support will provide the user with assistance at any time of the day.

Who can be interested in the project?

Due to the expanded set of functional options, the platform claims to be one of the best gateways for working on stock exchanges. Both professional traders and novice brokers will be interested in the platform. The main incentive to switch to the platform service will be a high-quality exchange and convenient trading service, which in the conditions of imperfection of the majority of traditional exchange platforms becomes particularly relevant.

It is easy to conclude that the project is aimed at an expanded range of users: 1) novice investors in the crypt, 2) large brokers, 3) transnational investors.

What can stand out platform against the background of most of the existing crypto currency exchanges:

on many exchanges, the main problem is the lack of security (identity theft, fraud, theft of crypts from user wallets);

the lack of technology for rapid implementation of the API;

insufficient speed of transactions, which leads to delays in the execution of trading operations

lack of transparency of the system (it is difficult to contact the client in case of problems);

the braking system due to slow performance;

limited analysis and trading features;

no mobile apps to access from tablet/phone;

unattractive platform design;

low level of service.

It is planned to release: 70 million QRX.

For sale: 55 million, QRX (QRX-including 17 million at the initial stage of sales)

The initial stage of sales-starts 27.02., will last until 27.03. Two thousand eighteen

Mass sale-starts on April 02, will last until 16.05. Two thousand eighteen


The project has a real chance of successful promotion and work in the relevant segment of crypto-currency operations.

 Website: https://qurrex.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/qurrex
Twitter: https://twitter.com/qurrex
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qurrex/
Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2899211