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The thing is that all the cards in this game are in the hands of advertising agencies. They don't want advertising to be effective, they need suppliers of goods and services to come back to them again and again for advertising. Advertising agencies call huge prices for their services. From order to placement advertising is often a huge number of intermediaries, and all of them need to give their share.  

The advertisement sector is considered one of the most profitable in the world! Marketing is developing every day — also developing the advertisment of products! Also, this sphere is needed new solutions and new combining servises!Want to tell you about very perspective and useful project — SaTT.

What is SaTT? 

SaTT (Smart Advertising Transaction Token) — blockchain based project which will gives users to opportunity to make advertisement or promotion for their products! It is regulated by a Smart Contract which lists advertising offerswith all data held securely in the Ethereum blockchain. The Smart Contract sets the conditions for participation in campaigns, quantifies the success, and guarantees the final renumeration.In my opinion its great that project is on blockchain — thats mean that product SaTT will be fast, not expensive, decentralized and safe. Thats really great features for users!

 In the future, consumers will be able to exchange SaTT tokens for Fiat money, or exchange tokens for exclusive products of the manufacturer that gave advertising. This is possible due to the fact that SaTT tokens support the ERC-223 standard, according to which each token is unique and tracked. 

 Satt is a company that specializes in developing applications that will be used for business pages and social networking. This platform uses blockchain technology that brings some differences compared to the current system. 

 For security, after hacking into an existing centralized network, hackers can gain access to all accounts. On the other hand, the SaTT blocking technology allows distributed networks. This means that their advertisers and campaigns are not linked. Thus, there is no possibility that all systems will be attacked by one hack. This technology will also ensure the integrity of data transactions so that any possibility of fraud can be prevented. 

How it works?

Every advertiser by using SaTT Smart Contract can create advertising campaigns whose conditions for participation and results will be stored in distributed decentralized records (blockchain). It will be much safe and comfortable!The main functions for adverisers:

Selecting the relevant publishers

All transaction with SaTT Smart Contract will be validated only with the next conditions:

So thats mean that advertiser have power to define criteria for partner participation in a campaign.

Quantifying the results of an advertising campaign

On the platform everyone will use SaTT Smart Contract and it will communicate with third-party APIs to quantify the performance of campaigns and evaluate the amount of the transaction.So every advertiser will have opportunity to choose between third party apps depending on its objective and existing datas.

Building trust, preventing fraud

Thats mean that any falsification — is impossible!Last time it the most important feature because of too many manipulations and fakes on the market!SaTT ensures integrity of the billing data and payments without any possibility of falsification.

Reducing costs, speeding up transactions

SaTT promissed to make payments are immediate as long as the success criteria are met. Also, there no minimum monthly billing.

A complete and decentralized tool to govern advertising transactions

For sure by using SaTT platform — we will have comfortable, not expensive and safe instruments to make promotion or advertisement!

ICO of SaTT project

ICO starts May 1st, 2018 — end date — September 30th 2018Parameters of ICO:

Accepted currencies to buy SaTT token: BTC, ETH and dollars.


Now ATAYEN invites you to join the future of the digital advertising era by participating in its ICO. You can visit and buy some SaTT tokens using fiat via credit card and bank transfer, or using cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. SaTT will be stored in SaTT wallet.

Token SaTT is a marker of ERC20 Public Offering 420 000 000 tokens. Token will be used to facilitate all transactions taking place in the ecosystem. By using tokens, users can purchase their email applications and services. The token itself will be used as payment for advertising services and products. It will not automatically create a shareholder in ATAYEN, Inc.

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